January 31, 2012

Carters (7) - Round 18

"I know that Kent & Jeremy would excel in your program," Sharon told the headmaster.  He seemed to hem and haw.

But, he finally announced, "Of course, we would love to have them at Crumplebottom Academy."

Yes! I did it! Sharon silently patted herself on the back. The boys wouldn't be little forever and this private school would give them an edge when it came to college!

"How was your first day at school, kids?" Anthony asked.

Kent and Jeremy shared a glance.  "S'ok," they both mumbled with their mouths full.

"Did you meet any new friends?" Sharon asked.

The boys just mumbled "no."

After they had been excused, Sharon looked at Anthony.  "Do you think I made the right decision pulling them out of public school? Maybe I should've waited until they were teenagers!"

Anthony patted her hand.  "They'll be just fine, Sharon. Don't worry!"

"Man, I hate that school," Jeremy complained as he and Kent played before bed.

Kent nodded.  "I know.  Mom says it'll get better after we've been there awhile."

"But the teachers are so strict! And all the kids looked at me funny!"

She was worrying herself sick, Sharon thought.  The boys had been so sad since enrolling them in the private school.  She was on the verge of changing her mind and switching them back to public school!

She told Anthony that night after he came home.

"Don't do that!" Anthony said.  "Give them a chance to settle in!  The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks!"

"Are you sure that's the right thing to do?"

Anthony nodded, "Of course.  As Education Minister, I know how things work in the education field.  Going to private school will give them an edge in college and later in life!"

Sharon wrung her hands.  "If you're sure..."

Anthony smiled and rubbed her shoulders.  "I'm sure. Now quit worrying!"

Kent peeked in to see his Mom after school.  "Hi, Mom.  Just wanted to say thanks for sending me to private school! Mr. George, my politics teacher, said that I was a natural and said that I should try to get into law school."

Sharon felt the knots in her stomach untwist.  "Really? You like it there?"

Kent shrugged.  "Yeah, it's cool."

Oh thank God, Sharon thought as she felt the knots in her stomach untwist.

Sharon told Anthony the good news before bed.

"See, I told you that you didn't need to worry."

Sharon shook her head.  "I know! I feel so silly! I can't believe I was making myself sick over it!"

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  1. Ah, in the throes of Private School. The boys will be fine. And now there is another sibling on the way! Woot!


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