January 16, 2012

Carters (7) - Round 17

Anthony came home from work and felt like there wasn't any higher he could do in this career.  It was time for a change... but what... he wondered.

Sharon was ready for a change, too.  She was ready for the baby to be born so she could go back to work!

Thankfully, Jeremy proved to be an obedient child!  She was amazed he had his father's hair.  A beautiful little blonde-haired baby, she thought.  She stroked his eyebrows.  "I hope you're just like your father: kind, caring, and smart!"

Sharon & Anthony still loved to research side by side.  Comfortable in the silence.

It should've been no surprise that Kent was the same way.  A serious, studious little boy.

 Happy birthday little Jeremy!

Sharon had a few friends over to network for her promotion. 

It had almost been too easy, Anthony thought.  He needed something of a challenge. Something that would give back to the community.

Something for the children...

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