January 16, 2012

Goss - Round 17

 "Oh God," Lily clutched her belly as it roiled.  "I know this feeling..."

Sure enough, four pregnancy tests later and it was confirmed.  Lily was pregnant.  She didn't know if she was happy about it.. or sad.  Some mother she'd turned out to be.  She'd all but written her previous children out of her life.

 "I have some news for you," Lily brought up over dinner.  "I found out I'm... pregnant..."

Gabe smiled. "That's great news, honey." Pausing, he worried about how she would handle another pregnancy.  "Your last two pregnancies were rough, right? Should we consult a specialist?"

Lily rubbed her belly absently.  "It couldn't hurt."

All their worrying had been for nothing, though.  Lily experienced a minor case of morning sickness and then felt relatively healthy and refreshed throughout her term.  "It's so different this time around... it almost feels like I'm a new person!" she had confided to Gabe once.

"Oh wait... this I remember...:" she panted.

 Lily delivered a healthy little boy they called Junior.  "He's going to look just like you," Lily said with pride.

 "Did you guys hear? I'm a Dad now!" Gabe told his friends.  "There's nothing like this in the

"You should write a paper on it," his co-worker suggested.

Gabe stroked his beard.  "You know, that's not a bad idea!"  Already a plan was forming in his head.

Time flew by and things kept stacking up for Gabe. He was a published author.  Junior was a toddler. And Lily was pregnant again.  He hoped for a little girl this time around.

"Gabe! Come here," Lily called.

 Junior gazed at his new brother from the crib.  He looked so pale and ugly!  "Moooooooommmy!" he called when she continued hugging and playing with the baby.

Lily glanced over. "In a minute, Junior.  Mommy has to change Cliff's diaper first."

"Mooooooooommmy!" Junior proceeded to throw a temper tantrum to get his Mom's attention.

Gabe headed off to work.  He still couldn't believe his good fortune.  A beautiful home, a loving wife, and two little boys.  He was a lucky, lucky man.


  1. I am happy for Lily :). After what she passed, she deserves happyness and not other deaths XDD!

  2. Wow another case of sibling rivalry. hmmm me thinks I will start watching for this. I still can't get over Lily starting a second family though.


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