January 28, 2012

Carters (5) - Round 18

Tyler was so proud to be throwing an anniversary party.  There had been so many people that had assumed he was crazy for marrying Veronica despite her wandering eye in college.  But, he had seen the goodness in her heart.  He'd believed in her and she'd never given him reason to regret it.

"I'd like to make a toast," he announced to the room.  "To my wife, my friend, my everything!"

Veronica raised her glass and clinked it against his.  "To my husband, my lover. Cheers!"

Samuel really liked Jackie.  She was so sweet!

But Gloria was pretty hot, too.

 "Hey, Samuel, can I play too?" Daniel asked.

"No way, dude. You're just a kid!" he yelled as he lobbed the water balloon.

Gloria glanced over.  "I dunno. He's pretty cute.  We should let him play."

Samuel glared at Danny. "Beat it,"  he said.  Then, turning to Gloria, he said, "He's just a kid, Gloria.  If you wanna see a real man, you should look right here."

Gloria giggled.  "A real man?"

Samuel blushed. "Well, yeah.  I can even give back rubs!"

Gloria smiled. "Ooooh... I love back rubs!"

Daniel sighed and walked inside to see what Archie doing.

A few days later, Samuel had a couple of friends over for some fun.  Madison was a blast!

And she was pretty into him, too.

Madison cried, "But I didn't do anything!"

Samuel was pissed.  "I saw you flirt with him!"

Matt Hart bounced from toe to toe.  "I didn't know you were dating her," he apologized.  "We were just having a good time."

Samuel glared at Madison.  "Yeah, well, we weren't that serious, anyways."

Madison covered her eyes with her hands and ran from the room crying.
It was just as well. Now he could go on a date with Ruby.  This must be love, he thought!

"Samuel, Archie, Daniel, Mom said it's time to go to bed," Roxanne said.

"Awww, man..." the teens grumbled.

Samuel shrugged, "Guess it's time to go, guys.  See you tomorrow!"

Grabbing Roxanne to swing her around, Samuel teased, "Thanks for nothing, pipsqueak!"

Roxanne giggled.

Feeling lonely, Samuel called up Jackie to talk.  They wound up talking well into the night.  After they hung up, he felt this urge to call her back up.  Whispering, he asked if she would come over.

He didn't think he'd felt this way about anyone!

Not even her big sister, Madison!

Love was blind!


  1. Well, I hope Jackie will not flirt with someone else XD.

  2. Gloria and Jackie are making the rounds. LOL


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