January 28, 2012

Carters (3) - Round 18

Jackie came in and saw Mom had thrown another party.  It was always neat to see all the different types of people that would come together at one of her parties.  She seemed to know everybody!

Ellen spared no expense for their birthday party. She'd sent out numerous invitations to close friends, acquaintances, and co-workers.  It wasn't every day her husband of thirty years had a birthday!

Happy birthday Professor Vincent!

Of course, it didn't hurt that it was her birthday, too.

(I love how they both aged into power suits for their elder years.  Such professionals!)

Jesse had been watching Lacy throughout the afternoon. She was hot! He wouldn't mind  a little of that before he headed off to college.  After convincing her to catch a minute of alone time, he leaned in for the kill...

...but she just wasn't falling for it!

"I'd really like to get to know you better," he whispered as he leaned forward.  Normally, after he said something like that, he'd be able to lean forward and give the girl a peck - but he guessed Lacy was playing hard to get!

Lacy hedged.  Jesse was so dreamy, but he was also a senior and she was just a freshman.  She didn't have to be a genius to know that these things didn't normally work out.

"Maybe you can call me from college?" she suggested.

Jesse was stumped.  He'd pulled out all his A-game, but he still couldn't get this girl to kiss him.  Maybe she swung the other way.  Shrugging, Jesse gave up.  "Sure whatever. I'll call you sometime.  I gotta go pack now."

Jesse rifled through his Dad's drawer to see if he could grab some extra change he kept with his socks.  Nothing.  Guess he must've started missing the money he stashed away.  Shutting the top drawer, Jesse saw the picture his parents took in college together.  Man. He couldn't believe how young they looked!  And how much in love they still were.

Maybe one day.... he thought.  But not now. Now there were too many girls to smooth talk!

Dorm life was going to rule!

Ellen didn't know what came over here, but she kept having this intense desire to get a puppy.  And then another one!  Smokey & Lola is what she named her cute little coal-black puppies.  Vincent said it was because she was getting older & the kids were getting closer to leaving the nest.  She scoffed.  Shows what he knows, she thought!  Jackie was still her little baby.

"Hey, I wanted to know if you could come over to play," Jackie loved talking on the phone.  She could talk on the phone for hours.  She and Madison were always fighting over who's turn it was to talk.

Although, Madison generally just wanted to use the phone to throw a quick party...

Ellen & Professor Vincent decided it was time to throw a party to celebrate their good fortune.  And brainstorm on other ways to create passive income...

"Come on Madison, let me use the phone!" Jackie whined.

Madison shooed Jackie away with a glare and then turned her back.  "Yeah, sorry about that, Michael.  Jackie's bugging me."

"FINE!" Jackie fumed as she stomped out of the room.  She didn't need to talk on the phone anyway!

"You're holding it all wrong, doofus," Madison lectured.  "And that sounds AWFUL!"

Jackie ignored her and kept strumming on the strings.

Madison raised her voice.  "Did you hear me?! You suck at the guitar!"

Jackie stuck her tongue out.  "Go away Madison. I'm jamming."

Madison stomped her foot. "You're going to mess it up. Leave it alone."

Jackie smiled as she handed Madison the phone.  "Sure! Catch you later!"  Grinning, she ran to grab the phone.  Worked like a charm!

Ericka couldn't believe what success they'd had as a family!  She'd recently checked her balance and realized she'd made a 100k!
And she knew that Brett had a large rolodex full of contacts.  If they were able to use that list of people, maybe they would be able to make additional money!  She sat at the computer and tapped away to research becoming a financial consultant.

Ellen couldn't believe how fast her puppies had grown into dogs!  She had enrolled Smokey in the acting field doing commercials and Lola was a natural in the service field.  She couldn't be prouder of her sweet dogs.
Not everyone was a fan of the dogs though.

"Shoo!" Jackie said as she waved her hands.  "Go on, doggie!"

Smokey had rolled over on his back for a belly rub.  Then, hearing Jackie tell him shoo, he'd stopped and glanced up.  Jackie could've sworn that was disappointment in his eyes.

The first puppy of the house was born not long afterwards.  Ellen looked at him and her heart melted.  "Awwww..." she said cuddling him.  "You're my little Bandit!"


  1. Jackie is lovely *-*! She's really beautiful, I love her! And my compliments to Lacy, who resisterd the flirts XDDD!

  2. yay puppies born in the house, very good! Yes Jackie is very pretty. Hm wonder what that puppy will look like, looks like one of the parents has questionable breed. Hehehe!


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