January 11, 2012

Carters (3) - Round 17

"Son, we just want you to slow down.  Enjoy your teenage years." Brett lectured.  "Believe me, I've been where you are!  The best thing that happened to me was your Mom!"

Jesse rolled his eyes.  "Just cool it, Dad. I'm not in a rush. I just have a lot friends!"

Brett gave Jesse 'the stare'.  "Do I look stupid to you, son?"

Jesse sighed.  "Do I have to answer that?"  Perking up, he grabbed his bag and rushed out the door.  "Bus is here! Gotta go!"

Brett sighed as he watched Jesse run out the door.

Ellen and Brett came home and congratulated themselves on their promotions.  "We should throw a celebratory party!" Ellen laughed.

"Maybe even a retirement party!" Brett joked.  "I feel like an old man now!"

Ericka heard him as she walked by.  "No! You're not an old man because then I would be an old woman," she teased.

"Um, Mom, I hate to break it to you, but you are old!" Lindsay said on her way to the phone.

Ericka sighed.  "I'm not that old!"

Lindsay scoffed. "Mom, I'm heading off to college.  You're that old!"

Ericka was shell-shocked.  "College? Already? Where had the time gone?" she worried.

Lindsay rolled her eyes as she finished packing up her things.  She couldn't wait to get out there on her own and get her life started! 

"Time a-wasting!" she said as she loaded up the taxi cab.

Ericka couldn't believe so much time had gone by so fast. But, there was her little niece Jackie learning to walk already.  Her daughter had gone off to college and even her son was almost a young man!

At least she'd made it to the top of her career!  She considered retiring so that she could spend more time with her family... only... her family was almost grown...

 "Hey baby," Jesse said to the hottie that was walking by.  "Wanna see my guitar?"

 "Madison, can I play with your tea set?" Jackie asked.

 "Sure, what are sisters for?" Madison asked.  "In fact, you can have it, if you like it.  I'm getting too old for it anyways!"

 "Mom is going to kill you when she sees what you did to your hair, Madison!" Jackie said.

Madison shrugged. "Who do you think took me to the salon?"

Jackie gasped.  "Mom?!"

Madison looked smug.  "Yup."  Then, she turned her attention to the boy that delivered the papers and the little sister was forgotten about.

"Thanks for coming over to the party a little early, Heather. There's something I wanted to tell you," Jesse said.

"What's that?" she asked.

Jesse grinned and leaned forward to hug Heather, then whispered in her ear, "That you are one smokin' chick!"

Heather couldn't believe that Jesse - the hottest Senior in town - had the hots for her.  Not knowing what to say, she giggled.  Just a few more kisses she thought as she looped her arms around his neck.

Pretty soon everyone had come over and the kids were having fun.  Jesse rolled his eyes at something Sabrina said.  She was so annoying, he thought.  He didn't know why, but for some reason, she just bugged him.

The feeling was apparently mutual.

"Hey guys! I figured out how to play the guitar!" Madison called from the garage.  "Come listen!"  Everyone hopped out of the spa and rushed into the garage to dance, sing, and crush on each other.

Brett and Ericka had stayed outside to watch the kids and make sure that none of them got too frisky.  Hugging his wife, Brett sighed.  "I'm glad that's over!"

"Something tells me I'm going to need a chaperone with you!"

Brett wiggled his eyebrows. "Of course you will, my dear! Come on, I have something to show you in my bedroom..."

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