January 11, 2012

Carters (2) - Round 17

Ross felt so lucky that Chelsea had agreed to move in with him after college rather than move back home.   Taking a deep breath, he dropped to one knee.  "Chelsea Reed, will you marry me?" he asked nervously.

Chelsea grinned.  "I didn't think you were ever going to ask!" she exclaimed.

It was a beautiful wedding with family and some friends in attendance.  Apparently Ross and Chelsea weren't the only ones getting lucky...

Perry danced with Melanie.  "It's hard to imagine our youngest is ready to leave the nest!"

Melanie sighed. "I know! I feel so old now!"

Perry hugged her.  "Whatever your age, I love you more than I ever thought possible!"

"Before you go to college... I want you to remember me by this..." Sabrina said as she grabbed James and kissed him.

James pushed Sabrina away.  "Quit it! I have a girlfriend!"

Sabrina fluffed her hair.  "Well, she's at college already. Who knows what she's doing? Besides, it's not like you asked her to go steady with you!"

James stepped back.  "That doesn't mean anything."  Irritated when she just continued to smirk at him, he snapped, "It doesn't!"

Sabrina had just laughed and gone home. But, James had stewed about it all night.  He'd tried calling Julie at the dorm, but there was no answer.  Frustrated, he called a taxi and headed to college.

"Ross! I think I just felt the baby move!" Chelsea laughed.  "Come feel!"

Ross put his book down and got up to rub Chelsea's belly.  "Where?"

Chelsea guided his hand to the spot that was getting kicked.  "She's going to be a dancer!" she said excitedly.

"Or he is going to be a soccer player!"

 Or BOTH!  Jane the dancer & Melvin the soccer player made their debut!

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