January 29, 2012

Carpenters - Round 18

Before he rushed off to work the next morning, Marshall dropped to one knee and asked Veronica if she'd let him make an honest woman of her.

Veronica immediately agreed.  They'd talked about getting married before the baby was born, but having the ring meant something to her! She couldn't wait to be Mrs. Marshall Carpenter!

Emily thew a big going away party.  It was sad that she wouldn't see a lot of her friends for a long time. College was going to be awesome though! 

 "We love you, baby!" Audrey cried as Emily left.

And when her studious Russell went after he got off from work, she felt so sad.  All of her babies were grown up and leaving!

She supposed it wasn't quite an empty house.

 Audrey couldn't wait to hold her grandchild in her arms and rock a tiny little baby again. 

And thankfully she didn't have long to wait!

Little Edwin Carpenter was born before the night was over.

Time flew by so quickly!  Before they knew it, Edwin was getting into the pots and pans, throwing toys down the toilet & being a regular tiny tot terror.

"Oh, he is not, Marshall," Veronica said as she picked him up.  "He's an angel! My sweet little angel, Edwin!"

Marshall laughed.  "Yeah, well, he is a sweet little guy, but does he have to make such a mess?!"

"He'll learn in time not to make such messes," Edward advised. "Do you think you were any different when you were his age?"

Marshall tickled his baby's belly and listened to him laugh before replying, "Of course!"

Audrey couldn't help but love the fact that there was still such a strong sense of family.  She was thankful that Marshall and Veronica had decided to stay and raise their family in this home.

And what a happy, healthy family they were!

Then Audrey started noticing things...

 How every now and then...  out of the blue, they would find Veronica passed out...

Audrey tapped Veronica's hand.  "Dear, I think you should go lay down in bed.  Have you taken a pregnancy test?"

"Huh? What? Huh?"


  1. "What?" Pregnancies in The Sims are always surprising for the mothers XDDD. I love Edwin already!

    1. Yeah, I don't understand why Sim ladies always look so surprised when the baby bump shows.....liek you don't know how that happened!?!?


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