January 15, 2012

Carpenters - Round 17

Marshall was glad to be back home and working... but he couldn't help but feel disappointed he didn't find true love at college like all his friends.  He wanted what his parents had - they'd been happily married for years!

Sighing, he headed to work in the rain.  It figures it would rain... that was just the kind of year he was having, he thought sullenly.

"Stupid chores," Anthony grumbled.  Dad said he had to finish the yard-work before Opal could come over.  He angrily clipped at the stubborn hedges.  "It's not like we have forever, you know!" he grumbled loudly.  "She's going off to college soon!"  He was so mad, he didn't know what to do.  She'd probably go off and forget him!  And here he was doing the damn hedges!

Audrey listened at her parent's door to make sure they were asleep and then tiptoed out of the house to wait for Gary.  He was renting a big limo to take her out on a special date.  She couldn't wait!  One more dream date before college, she thought excitedly.  She hoped Gary could get into her dorm!


Marshall stopped dead in the middle of the crowded party and stared at the woman walking in.  She must be new to town, he thought.  He'd never seen her before. 

Walking up to her, he held his hand out.  "Hi, I'm Marshall," he said nervously.  "New around here?"

The beautiful woman smiled and nodded.  "I saw you across the room.  I was hoping you would talk to me," she said shyly.  "Is this your house?" she asked looking around.

"It's actually my parents."

"Well, it's beautiful! I love the fresh, cheery wall-paper."

Marshall looked at the walls as though noticing them for the first time. Actually, it probably was the first time he'd ever looked at them. Awkwardly, he rubbed his neck. "Yeah. They're nice, I guess."

Valerie smiled.  "Would you like to get some fresh air?" she asked hopefully.  Maybe if they got out of the noisy room, they could talk better.

Marshall lit up. "Yeah! That'd be great!"

 Valerie sighed long after the last guest had left.  "It's late and I have work in the morning," she said full of regret.  "Thanks for a wonderful evening."

Marshall leaned forward to kiss her cheek.  "No, thank you. I had a lot of fun!"

"Dad? When did you know you were in love?" Marshall asked out of the blue after his third amazing date with Valerie. 

Edward glanced up from the chess game. "Come again?" 

Marshall put his piece down and looked at his Dad.  "I just mean, I really like this girl and she's amazing and beautiful and way out of my league.  How do I know if it's what you and Mom had?"

Edward thought for a moment.  "I suppose it just feels right.  I knew the first moment I saw your Mother that I was going to marry her.  Does that help?"

Marshall smiled.  "It sure does!"

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  1. Ahh first love. There is nothing like it. Hope Marshall and Valerie make it! Edward, you are a wise old man.


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