August 21, 2012

The End!

Goodbye Paradise Bay,  a bustling town nestled between beautiful valleys & a sparkling bay.  In order to encourage population growth, the City Council paid the mortgage down-payment and all moving expenses for four lucky applicants looking to start a new life.


Alas, this neighborhood has grown too large to keep up with, often having unbearable load times & out-of-the-blue crashes.  So, even though I really wanted to make it until the first death of the 5th generation, and I would've loved to have gotten one more Round before closing up shop, but me thinks it's time to end this wonderful neighborhood.

It makes me sad though to leave a few unfinished storylines.  Like, does Dawn have a little boy the spitting image of Jennings?  Or will Paxton & Abbey wind up together, despite the odds?  Or will Paxton's little sister Mackenzie ever get over Shawn stealing a kiss to get back at Paxton?  Where does Lizzie go after Ray divorces her & kicks her out for being a brazen hussy?  

I hope everyone enjoyed reading about the Paradise Bay families!  I know I certainly had fun with them!

Round 24 Census

Sim State Uni - Round 24

Boys Dorm:  (back row) Brooks Landry, Rusty Carpenter, Alejandro Carter, Kennedy McMillan, Parker Hart & Irving Bear (middle row) Ronan Kwa (townie), Vaughn Potter, Saki Collins (townie), Neil Carter, & Mitch Reed.  (sitting) Kurt (Tang) Landry.

Girls Dorm:  (standing, left to right) Julianna Hart, Olivia Tipton, Chantel McMillan, Wilhelmina Reed, Vanessa Reed, Cecelie Carter, Emma Carpenter. (sitting, left to right) Savannah Carter & Kaitlynn Reed.  (not pictured) Isabella Tipton (as she's a vampire, she'd combust into a pile of ash during daytime picture taking) & Annaleigh Carter (she actually dropped out due to bad grades right before this picture was taken)


Let's take a moment to congratulate our Seniors of Class '19 & found out what's in store for them once they move back to Paradise Bay!

BROOKS LANDRY - "There are too many lovely ladies out there! It's hard to choose just one! I guess I'm looking for someone to WOW me..."

ANALEIGH CARTER: - "I don't think there's any reason to rush into marriage. I mean, look what happened to my mom when she thought she was in love with Gary.  He left her high and dry! I just want to make sure I find the right guy, first..."

RONAN KWA - "I don't regret following Chantel to Uni, even though she wound up breaking my heart.  I worked my tail off & made Valedictorian! That should look great on my resume!"

KURT (Tang) LANDRY - "I kind of felt in limbo after Dad died... I mean.. not my real dad, but my dad that raised me.  Thankfully Sophie came to visit a few times & really helped me out.  And Dad called a few times... I mean.. not my dad that raised me, but my real dad..."

ISABELLA TIPTON: - "Goodness it was rough following my dreams at Uni!  There were a few times I almost died! But, I did it! I made a 3.0! Not too shabby considering I start to burn up in the sun!"

VANESSA REED: - "I don't really know what I'm going to do with my degree.  Maybe I'll travel, meet some people."

JULIANNA HART: -"I know everyone around me was busy falling for each other, but I have a 10-year plan.  First, I want to get a job in the science career & when I've reached the 5th level, then I can begin to think about getting married and having babies."

KAITLYNN REED: -"I'd been hoping I'd find my true love in school, but didn't seem to have any lucky.  I guess I'm a little shy & buried my nose in my book too much.  Hopefully a visit to the matchmaker can help!"

CHANTEL MCMILLAN: -"This year is all about Mitchell! He's so cute & sexy! Gosh, I feel like such an airhead - but I just can't decide!"


MITCHELL REED - "I remember how amazing Chantel was in high school & she's only gotten cooler in college! We're not really labeling things right now.  Just want to see where life takes us!"
VAUGHN POTTER - "I can't wait for Stephanie to come to college next year so that we can study together.  I haven't forgotten about my highschool sweetheart!"

OLIVIA TIPTON - "Kurt's been so busy romancing Sophie & that Wilhelmina that he hasn't noticed me at all.  Maybe one day I'll work up the nerve to tell him how I feel!"

PARKER HART - "I couldn't stand to be separated from Cecelie. She's the love of my life! After college, we'll get a house & raise a family together!"

CECELIE CARTER -"Parker's an amazing guy!  I love him so much! I can't wait for him to propose!"

IRVING BEAR & SAVANNAH CARTER - It took Irving awhile to get over the shock of seeing Shawn Carter flirt with Savannah at the Prom, but eventually she was able to convince him that she was serious about him.  The time away from her made him realize how much he truly loved her.

EMMA CARPENTER & SAKI COLLINS - "I've traveled many miles to be with my lady love & I can't imagine life without her." 

WILHELMINA REED -"Who wants something serious?! I'm in college! I just want someone to pay for my dinners & bring me roses!  All that other serious crap can wait until I'm 50!"

KENNEDY MCMILLAN - "I kind of got the hint from Analeigh that we were done with.  I wonder if it'd be cool if I got to know Cecelie a little better..."

NEIL CARTER - "I've kind of kept to myself this year.  I noticed that some of the older guys get into fights alot, so I'd rather stay away from all that drama.  Besides, I'm here to learn, not make friends & lovers!"

ALEJANDRO CARTER - "I guess I just haven't found the right person.  I haven't really been looking either.  I'd like to try to pull off a 4.0 this year!"

RUSTY CREELMAN - "Yeah, most people tend to overlook me.  I know I don't stand out like my younger brothers Noah & Ethan.  I've kind of hung out with Neil & Alejandro.  We're all kinda waiting to see what next year brings!"

Carters 11 - Round 24

"I love it here!" Dawn said when she saw their new home.  "I love you!"

Jennings caught her as she leapt into his arms.  "I love you, too, Dawn.  I feel like I've waited my whole life for you!"

Together they planned out all the details of their wedding.

It was a beautiful day with family & friends surrounding them.

They hadn't planned on Dawn being pregnant, but somehow it made the day that much more special!

Dawn couldn't have been happier to be with Jennings!

There was nothing that could take away the pleasure on this beautiful, fall day!

It felt like only days later that Dawn delivered their sweet little daughter, Daisy.

"Aren't you a beautiful little girl?" Jennings cooed to his daughter.  "You're going to be a daddy's girl, aren't you?"

Dawn laughed, "God help us! She already has you wrapped around her little finger!" 

Dawn smiled. 

Life was perfect.

Just perfect.



Disaster struck.  No one had been home when Jennings had attempted to get rid of some of the piles of leaves cluttering the backyard.

Dawn sobbed at his graveside, devastated that she'd lost the love of her life.  It seemed to be a slap in the face that it had happened so close to their wedding arch.

It brought back all the memories of their wedding & how they'd thought they had the world at the tip of their fingers...

But now...

Everything was taken from her....

Dawn tried to be strong for Daisy.  Although, if she didn't have Daisy, she wasn't sure she would've made it through....

Dialing a familiar number, Dawn needed to hear a friendly voice.

"Thanks for coming over," Dawn said as Aidan hugged her tight. 

Aidan couldn't believe the tragedy that had befallen his best friend.  "I'm so sorry," he told.  "There are no words."

Dawn tearfully nodded, understanding what he meant.  As tears dripped down her face, she cried, "I'm pregnant!"  She fervently prayed her child would be a boy... a sweet little boy, just like his Daddy....