December 17, 2011

Tans - Round 15

Jenny grew up with rioting curls and ready to set the world on fire. 

The first thing she did was throw an awesome party with all the cool kids.

Nobody had wanted to leave at the end of the night. 

Kate had disapproved.  "Jenny, you need to focus more on your school work than partying."

Jenny scoffed in disapproval.  "I can do it all! Besides, it's not like I need to go to college.  I'm going to be a rockstar!"

"I've been practicing every day!"

Natalie hugged Kate goodbye.  "I want you to have fun in school.  Work hard and come home with honors.  Don't spend all your time mooning over that Ryder boy.  Focus on why you're there."

Kate laughed.  "Oh Mom. It's been so long, I doubt Ryder remembers I even exist!"

But Kate couldn't help but be secretly thrilled that she would soon be living in a co-ed dorm.  Think of all the adventures!

Jenny woke up and thought she heard strums from her bass guitar.  "What in the world?" she thought.  Sneaking into the garage, she saw her parents jamming out.

"Mom! Dad! What are you doing?"

Natalie & Waylan kept bopping to the music.  "Where do you think you got your love of music, little girl.  Come join us on the drums!"

Jenny smiled.  "I love this family! Rock on!"

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  1. Kate and Jenny are polar opposites! Cool parents, letting the girls beat their own drum.


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