December 11, 2011

Tans - Round 14

Since they moved, Kate felt a lot of pressure to help around the house, take care of her younger sister Jenny, and still excel at school.  She worried that maybe she should get a job to help pay the bills.  She knew money was tight since her folks had bought a nice piece of land.

But her folks spent all their time studying and kept getting promotions, so maybe she wouldn't need to...

"Mom! You did it! You're a super hero!" Jenny cried in awe.

Natalie laughed.  "Well, not really a super hero," she laughed.  "I can't fly!"

"And Daddy? He saves people's lives! He's a super hero too!"

Natalie smiled.  "That's one way of looking at it!"


"It's beautiful Waylon! When did you do this?!"

Waylon laughed as he hugged Natalie tight.  "I was toying around with some plans at work and settled on this design. I had the guys come over while you were at work."

Natalie was speechless.  "Much better than that cramped mobile home! I'm so glad you went into architecture!"

Kate invited a few friends over to show off the new house.  She'd been so embarrassed to bring home friends before - but now her place was happening!

Dean brought his older brother Ryder.

Kate fanned herself.

Kate didn't really know how to act around Ryder - so she fell back on teasing.  Merrily, she chased him around the room, pretending there was a frog in her pocket.  Then, the strangest thing happened... they were outside, alone, and Ryder leaned forward and kissed her.  She touched her finger to her lips... her first kiss!

Natalie looked around their new home and smiled.  "It's perfect Waylon."

Waylon smiled back.  "The perfect house to spend our golden years."

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