December 29, 2011

Steeles - Round 16

Evelyn came home, satisfied that her career was coming along nicely.  She had reached the top of the education field.  But, she wanted to get back to using that English degree.  Maybe she should look into Journalism...

 "Dad! Dad! Look! I got an A!"

"Good job, honey! I'm so proud of you! What do you say we go get some ice cream to celebrate?!"

 "What about me? Can I go?!"

 "Awww... Dad... I don't want Malcolm to come! He talks the whole time about silly boy things!"

"Do not!" Malcolm yelled.

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Enough!" Mason interjected.  "Malcolm, since Julie got the A, I'm going to take her alone. But, if you work really hard at school and get an A, then we'll go, just you and me. Deal?"

Malcolm shook Mason's hand.  "It's a deal!"

Malcolm couldn't believe Julie wouldn't let him go get ice cream with her.  Sisters, he mumbled grumpily.  After that afternoon, he took every oppurtunity he could find to drive Julie crazy.

"Not touching! Not touching!"

"Quit it!" Julie fumed.

"Hey Julie, your epidermis is showing! Cover up!"

Julie stomped her foot.  "It is not! Leave me alone! Daaaaad!" Julie cried as she ran inside.

Mason ran in front of her and grabbed Mason's hands.  "Let's dance, Dad!"

Julie fumed.  Little brothers were a terror!

"Potatoes up, Julie!" Mason cried as he threw some mashed potatoes at Julie.

"That is so GROSS!" Julie yelled.  "You're such a brat!"  Julie stomped away to take a shower.

 She couldn't wait to get to college & away from that pest!

Mason could hear the kids arguing again.  He didn't know why Malcolm's mission in life seemed to be to annoy Julie.  Evelyn just laughed and said it would all work out.  He didn't know how it didn't drive her crazy.

Although, most days she had her nose buried in a book, a million miles away.  Not that he minded.  He loved how knowledgeable she was.

 Little did he know that he should've been worried about his little girl, Mandy.

Because she was growing up fast & ready to set the world on fire!



  1. Ahahahaha, Malcom is impossible, really XDDD! Julie will have to go to college soon!

  2. Mandy is a beauty..but isnt that like little brothers to tease older sisters! Poor Julie!


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