December 16, 2011

Steeles - Round 15

 Evelyn cuddled Mandy and tried to ignore her pregnancy aches and pains.  She really wanted to be the one to teach Mandy to talk, but she just wasn't feeling well.

"Mason!" she called.  "Will you put Mandy to bed?"

Mason ambled in.  "Sure thing.  Come on munchkin, let's get you ready for bed."  Mason had her try to go potty first as Julie played with their dog Rex.

"That's so gross!" Julie complained.  "When is she going to learn to use a TOILET?!"

Mason laughed.  "She's working on it.  You used the same thing when you were her age.  Now go ahead and get ready for bed. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow!"

Julie was so excited to be going to school.  She hoped the kids didn't tease her because she had glasses.  Mom said that it would run in the family.  It wasn't fair. Dad didn't have to wear glasses!

Julie came home disappointed.  It had been so hard to meet friends. She'd hoped she'd find a little girl that would want to play with her.

"I don't care anyways," she told Rex.  "I have you to play with!"

Mason couldn't be prouder of his new son Malcolm.  It seemed like just yesterday Malcolm had been born - but now he was a little toddler - ready to start crawling, talking & getting into things!

Yes, his family was growing up at lightening speed!  Julie was asking to wear make-up and go over to friend's houses, have slumber parties, and all sorts of things.  He was worried she'd only get worse when she was a teenager!

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  1. Pretty family! I myself an partial to glasses, having been a member of the four eyes club for 33 years now. ;)


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