December 8, 2011

Steeles - Round 14

Mason was excited that he had the house to himself!  He loved Natalie & Waylon, but he couldn't wait to raise the next generation of Steeles in this house.  He'd told Evelyn that he wanted 3 kids, just like his folks had.

Evelyn had touched his arm and said she'd love that.  She knew how much it upset him to think about losing his parents before he had really known them.  She couldn't believe Lisa had skipped college to take in her younger siblings.  She wasn't sure if she would've had the maturity in college to do the same thing...

But, she liked that think she had that maturity now.  She had decided to go into education and couldn't wait to help the children.

But first... she & Mason were going to raise their own little one!

Mason couldn't believe what a wonderful life he and Evelyn had together.  They had a beautiful home, an amazing puppy, Rex, and great friends and family.

"Thank you," Mason said as he hugged Lisa tight.  "You made all of this possible for me!"

Lisa smiled and touched Mason's cheek.  "It was all my pleasure, Mason.  Taking you and Natalie in was one of the best things that ever happened to me."

 Evelyn snuggled her darling daughter and showed her off to Mason.  "Let's name her Allison, after your Mom & Lisa," she suggested.  "They both seemed like amazing women."

Mason wrapped his wife and his daughter in his arms and hugged them tight.  He couldn't even find the words to thank her for such a wonderful name.

Mason rubbed Rex's belly.  "You better get ready boy, Allison's almost a toddler! She's going to be able to crawl after you now!"

Mason reached the top of the intelligence career and felt like he still had something to prove to himself... 
Military... I'll go into military...

Evelyn worried about Mason changing careers.  "Are you sure you should be changing jobs again? We're expecting baby number 2... and I still haven't had a chance to use my Educational degree..."

Mason hugged her.  "Don't worry! This will be a better move for us!"

But, even though Mason promised to be home, he had been too busy training recruits to make it to Allison's birthday party.  Evelyn sighed.  Allison was growing up fast and Mason was missing it...

Mason didn't understand why Evelyn was so worried about his work schedule.  He'd already taught Allison to talk and was working on her walking when little Mandy was born.

Two girls! Right on track, he thought.  Now, if only their last child was a little boy, their family would be complete!

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