December 17, 2011

Sim State Uni - 11th Class

Kate was so glad to be at college.  And she stood in front of Ryder, wondering how much had changed since they had last seen each other...

Ralph knew that Kate & Ryder were a thing in high school, but he was hoping that things had changed... that maybe he had a shot...

Autumn greeted Clint.  "Hey good looking, long time no see!" she flirted.

Clint laughed as he squeezed her tight.  "Man! I've missed you! Are you ready to take a bite out of college?!"

Laughing, they ran into the dorm & claimed beds.

Ryder watched Ralph make a move on Kate and was speechless.  He'd awkwardly been trying to think of something to say to her when Ralph swooped in with some clever joke.

"Heeeeeeey," Ryder hang-fived Kate.  Mentally, he slapped himself. I'm so retarded!

Kate laughed.  "Heeeeeeey buddy."

Kate was so glad things weren't awkward between her and Ryder.  Sometimes romances just ran their course and Ralph was so amazing! And so attentive!

Ryder cracked knuckles and rocked back on his feet.  Man, he'd missed his chance... Sadly, he went in the dorm to grab himself a bed.

Casey just couldn't get over the fact that his brother had broken the Bro Code.  "Can you believe he kissed her right in front of me?" he told Ryder over breakfast.

Ryder shook his head, thinking of Kate.  "Man, that sucks. Really, really, really sucks."

Casey stabbed his pancake with his fork, "I know!"

Clint called over his shoulder, "I'm right here, you know! I can hear you!"

Depressed that his brother hated his guys, Clint hunted down Kate.  She was always great to talk about things.  She listened and didn't judge.

"I just don't know what to do. I apologized. And it's been years now! He's never going to let it go!"

Kate nodded sadly. "Maybe you just need to find some common ground to talk to him about.  Like... I don't know... what do boys talk about?"

Clint laughed.  "Girls. And I think it's best I don't talk about girls with him."

Kate joined in the laughter.  "I think you're probably right!"

Slinging his arm around Kate, Clint smiled.  "You're like my breast... I mean best friend!" he said.  God! He just said breast! How embarrassing! But, he had just been admiring hers...

Kate didn't even know the effect she was having on the men in the dorm.  She was just focusing on getting her schoolwork done and working hard.

Ralph smiled, "That's so interesting!" he said eagerly.  He was hungry, tired & had to use the restroom bad. But, he absolutely loved to hear Kate talk. About anything! And everything! It didn't matter!

"Well, if you'll excuse me. I think I'm going to hit the showers!" she said.

Ralph surprised himself by yawning.  "I think I'll go to sleep.  I didn't realize I was so tired!"

"Silly boy," Kate teased.

"So," Clint began hesitantly. "How about them Llamas?"

Casey grunted and aimed for the striped ball.

Clint sighed.  This wasn't going to be easy.

Casey found Kate in the hall and launched into his concerns.  Maybe she had kissed Clint in front of him because he was less manly than Clint. Or maybe girls just didn't find him attractive.  He wasn't able to get the girls to go on 1st dates with him.

"Well, maybe it's your approach," she said.  "How do you ask them on a date?"

"Ummm... I say 'hey, wanna go on a date?'"

"No, no, no, no, no!" Kate lectured.  "Girls want to be romanced! They want to feel special! They won't go out with you if they think you're just using them as a notch on your dating pad."

Casey rubbed his hand on the back of his neck. "So back to the drawing board?" he asked.

"Umm... yeah!" Kate laughed.  "Try to think of what you like about them and you'll probably have more luck."

Casey was quiet for a moment.  "So... umm... Kate... I really like how smart & kind you are... wanna go on a date?"

Kate laughed, "Nice try, Casey!" (Seriously, Casey asked Kate on a 1st date, talked with her once & then ended it so as not to develop romantic feelings.  She lectured him! I assume on how much he sucked as a 1st date.  It cracked me up!)

Autumn on the other hand was trying to ensure she made the grade even though she wasn't working very hard towards the goal.  Her professor sure was easy to please!

Ralph stood by Kate's bed, primping. He couldn't wait for her to wake up so he could tell her what he was thinking about last night...

And it involved a ring...

Ralph fumed.  "Ryder. Could you tell Kate to pass the syrup, please."

Ryder sighed.  He hated being sucked into their bickering.  "Knock it off Ralph. Act your age & ask her your damn self!"

Ralph fumed.  "I'm not hungry anyways." Getting up, he marched upstairs.

Autumn watched him go, then turned to Kate.  "What happened girl? You guys were tight and now you won't look at each other!"

Kate blushed.  "He asked me to marry him and I told him I wasn't ready."

Ryder was surprised he only felt pity for Ralph and Kate. They were obviously so perfect for each other.  They both wanted the same things out of life.  He'd actually been able to move on...

... and was definitely interested in Lyndsay.

He had so much in common with her.  They both loved to study, read, & he loved the quirk she had of biting on her knuckle when she was reading something she didn't quite get.  It made him want to take a nip on her neck!

Hmph, he scoffed.  He bet Clint didn't want kids, unless they were accidents!

And Kate wouldn't listen to him.

"Shut up, Ralph! You're just jealous!" she accused.  "Clint isn't going to cheat on me! We've been friends since high school & that changes things! I'm not some floozy!"

Ralph felt so sad. "I know you're not. I didn't say you were. I just said to watch out for Clint... he has a reputation with the ladies..."

"I don't want to hear it." Kate marched inside and slammed the door.

"How did you do it man?" Ralph asked Ryder.  "I know you were guys were tight in high school... how did you stay friends with her."

Ryder shrugged. "I don't know. She just has something about her that makes you want to be friends with her..."

Ralph sighed.  "That's the truth.  Even though I'm so mad at her... I still love her...."

Ryder hurt for his friend.

Kate fumed over the mean things that Ralph had said about Clint.  She knew that he liked to date around, but things were different with her.

She was sure of it.

He promised.


Ralph had told her there was something she should see out front.  She didn't want to believe it, but there it was.  A little rose with a love note to Clint.  She felt like a fool.  A huge, stupid fool!

"I can't believe you lied to me! Was it just a game to you?!" she accused.

Clint folded his arms and gritted his teeth.  So he'd slipped one time.  It wasn't that big of a deal.  "We weren't exclusive..."

"Exclusive?" Kate raged.  "You thought we weren't exclusive?  With what we did in that photo booth?!  Oh God... did you.... with her?  There?!  I thought I was special, but apparently not!"

Clint didn't say anything in his defense.  It sucked.  He'd liked her since freshman year & he'd screwed it up.  And not only that... he'd screwed up a good friendship, too.  Dammit!

Kate wiped the tears from her face and snapped, "I'm not even going to say that we're over, because apparently we're not exclusive. I hate you!" Kate turned to leave and Clint grabbed her elbow.

Ralph charged outside from the spot he was watching.  "Let her go!" he yelled.  Clint jumped back in shock and Kate's mouth fell open.  Ralph was acting so... aggressive! He was always so passive.

Clint held his hands up.  "I was just trying to talk to her."

Ralph snapped, "Well apparently she doesn't want to talk anymore."

Clint laughed.  "So this is how it's going to be! You're going to charge in & save her from big, bad me.  I'm sure you've been telling her all along about how I'm scum & I bet you're the one that told her about the love note, too.  Real classy, man."

Ralph put his arm around Kate's waist and led her inside.  "Like you know anything about class, Clint."

Clint stood there in the cold for awhile and said softly to the snow, "Yeah, what do I know about class..."

Clint didn't believe in hexes - but he was sure someone had cast one on him.  His mojo was shriveled up and dead.

Since Kate had ripped out his heart and done the mexican hat dance on it, he just hadn't been able to get lucky with anyone.


And it killed him because one by one...

he watched his dorm-mates pair up....

and get together...

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