December 17, 2011

Rodriguez/Bear - Round 15

"For me?" Sharon asked Dana.

Dana just smiled at Sharon.  "Yes, take it! Open it!"

Sharon opened the present and smiled.  "It's all the dog's things? I don't understand..."

"It's for you. For your dogs.  You know they're more yours than ours anyways.  We've taken good care of them while you were away at college, but they've missed you!"

Sharon clutched the dog bone to her chest.  "Really? You talked to Mom? It's okay? I've missed them! Where are they? Midniiiight!  Baby! Graaaace" she called.

Dana laughed.  "They're all crated up and ready to go home with you!"

Sharon hugged her sister.  "I love you! Thank you so much!  I want to get them home and settled.  I'll come visit soon!"

Dana watched Sharon run off to get her puppies loaded up for the ride home.  She acted like she would be glad they were gone, but knew deep down, she was going to miss the dogs, too.

She had another 4-legged animal to attend to, though!

Without having to worry about the dogs, she was able to teach Randy to walk & talk so much faster.  Especially since she was expecting again...

Midnight baby...
Dana cuddled her little girl and nuzzled her nose.  "Hell sweet Ruby," she said.  "Time for beddie bye!  Sleep well!"

Dana laid Ruby in her crib and sighed.  A boy and a girl. Perfect.  She loved the idea that Randy would be the older brother who would take care of his baby sister.

Dana was caught off guard when her mom, Lisa, suddenly collapsed while eating.  "Dad! Something wrong with Mom," she called as she frantically tried to wake her Mom up.

In the end, they knew that Lisa had gone to a better place...


  1. I am always sorry when a sim dies ç__ç... But Lisa had a good life, and she got the hula girls!

  2. Yes, buh-bye had a full life.


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