December 9, 2011

Rodriguez/Bear - Round 14

 Dana was so excited that Josh was moving in with them.  She thought it was so cute when he hopped off the bus with his hiking back pack on.  "Okay, so unless you're going to set up a tent in the backyard, you need some new clothes!" she teased.

"That's much better!" Dana laughed as they snuggled in bed together.  Sighing, she leaned her head against him.  "I can't wait to get married and have kids!"

Josh grinned.  "This is going to be great!" he agreed.

Sharon liked her new almost-brother-in-law.   He'd always been good to Dana.  Sighing, she pet a stray dog's head.  "You're a good boy, aren't you? Maybe if you come back here again, I can adopt you!"

The dog barked.

Sharon laughed out loud.  "Oh you like that, huh? Well, make sure to come back for treats then! I can make you a star, just like Midnight!"

"Come on Baby, roll over!" Sharon begged.  Boy, training dogs was hard work! But, it'd be worth it when Baby followed in Midnight's footsteps.  She would be the envy of the entire town with her dog-training abilities!

After Baby reached the top of the showbiz track, Sharon wanted to take on another challenge.  This dog was super cute! Sharon began training Chloe to make a splash in showbiz, as well!

But, she realized she just didn't have enough time! It was time for her to head off to college. Giving all her dogs kissies, she promised to be back to see them soon.  "Bye bye babies!" she gave each of them a treat.  Hugging her mom, she waved goodbye to her friends and jumped in the taxi.

" Sim State Uni... here I come!" she thought giddily.

Skylar watched his little girl go and sighed.  He couldn't believe he was top performer at his age! Although, the entertainment industry was much kinder to older men than women.  He knew how interested Sharon was in the lights & the limelight, although she seemed to like training her dogs to be the stars. He'd heard her bragging that Midnight was cast on the hit tv show.

Josh threw a small wedding on his day off.  He was terribly old-fashioned and wanted to marry Dana before she started to show.  They'd intended to get married much sooner than they did... life just got in the way!

 It didn't take very long...

...and little Randy Bear was born to the happiest parents in Paradise Bay!

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  1. Sounds like somebody has the 'get six pets to the top of their career' LTW.


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