December 28, 2011

Reeds - Round 16

Chelsea couldn't wait to get to school.  Charles kept making puppy dog eyes at Cheryl.  It was enough to make you want to gag!

She would've stayed if she'd known that her Dad would pass away so soon after she left...

Charles laid in bed with Cheryl talking about life, love and death.  He couldn't believe his Dad had passed away so quickly.  Without any warning.  With nothing he could do.   "Time goes by unbelievably fast," he said sadly.

And that got him thinking.  Why was he waiting to propose to Cheryl?  He knew he loved her. She loved him.  They wanted to start a family. What were they waiting for? A lightening bolt from above?

The next evening, Charles dropped to his knee and proposed.

And after that it seemed like everything just fell into place...

He and Cheryl were married in a roof-raising party...


"I can't believe she's gone Ralph! First Mom... What's next?"

Ralph frowned.  "We just have to keep going & keep our loved ones close to our hearts..."

And that's what Charles tried to do.  He took time to appreciate the small moments with Cheryl...

...and their unborn baby.

The happiest day of his life was when his daughter Heather was born. 


  1. No terrible crisis here, even if the deaths are always sad ç_ç. Good luck to Charles, Cheryl and Heather... funny, in my sim game there is a Charles born from a Heather XD

  2. :) Yes, even when death hits, seems like there is a new little one to fill the gap.


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