December 8, 2011

Reeds - Round 14

Claire hugged Charles tight.  "You be good in school, do you hear? I'll be calling to check on you weekly!"

Charles laughed.  "How about once a semester, Mom?" he joked.

Charles knew it was time to head off to school.  He couldn't wait to find out what college life had in store for him!  But, man, he would miss his family!

Ralph wasn't able to get Sharon Rodriguez out of his head after that party.  He invited her over on a date and was psyched that she said yes.  He'd been worried that she wouldn't like him...

...but he found out that she really, really liked him!

Chelsea wanted a knew outfit.  Dad gave her some money, so she called up her girl friends for an outing.  "I need a new outfit! Let's go shopping girls!" she cheered.

"How does this look?" she asked Sharon.

Sharon stopped mooning over Ralph and glanced over.  "Is Ralph seeing anyone else? Because I really like him.  Do you think he likes me?"

Chelsea rolled her eyes.  "Sharon. Focus.  Clothes first, gossip later!"

After getting an amazing outfit, the girls headed over to a diner and had lunch while giggling and checking out the guys.  It was so much fun to hang out with her friends!

Not to mention the roaring party they threw the next day with all their school friends!

 Chelsea kind of had a crush on Casey McMillan. She loved that red hair!

Walter and Claire peeked around the corner and watched the youngsters giggle and talk, trying to figure out who to date and where the next big party would be.

"Can you remember being that young?" Claire asked.

Walter chuckled.  "Not even a tiny bit!  But that's because I love where I am so much!"


  1. Walter is really sweet :). I like Sharon, by the way :)!


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