December 31, 2011

Reeds (2) - Round 16

Surprise! Another house that didn't have pictures.

Amy - original Plant Sim. She is now an elder. She maxed her creativity skill & got a hobby plaque for art.  She is often found now painting beautiful pictures of flowers & plants to decorate their walls.

Wilbur - Continues to study to max all skills.  Maybe once he finishes skilling he'll discover the secret to becoming a plant sim like his dear wife.  He reached the top of the architecture firm & now just wants to earn 100k.  He's halfway there!  He also spent most of his time throwing a hissy fit that Bronadir went on dates.

Rudhon - 1st generation Plant Sim.  He spent most of his time maximizing his body skill.  He is a popularity Plant Sim that wants to be a rock god.  Sorry, Rudhon. I decided that Plant Sims don't work. You stay in your little nature oasis.

Cennon - 2nd generation Plant Sim.  He's a knowledge Sim and spends most of his time skilling with his grandmother Amy.

Wilson - He is madly in love with Rosa.  She told him about the goodbye kiss from Marshall, but he's not concerned. He knows they have 3 bolts for each other & nothing can stand in the way of 3 bolts!  He asked her to go steady & she said yes.  They can't wait to go off to college with each other...

Bronadir - 3rd generation Plant Sim.  He's a Romance Sim that wants to have 20 simultaneous lovers.  He's halfway there & driving Wilson crazy.  He yearns to be more like humans and is often seen wandering around in his bathrobe as he probably just finished woo-hooing in the master bedroom.

Phillip - Popularity Sim who wants to be an athlete.  He has 10 BFF's... mostly girls.  He had a thing for Jenny before she went off to college. 

Gaeron - 4th Generation Plant Sim.  He longs to continue the family tradition of spawning a baby, but there's no room in the village.  He is a knowledge Sim that wants to reach the top in Intelligence.  He has to settle for maxing his skills.   He maxed the creativity skill & got a hobby plaque for music.  (Guess it works out well when Sims don't work & play the piano all day!)


  1. Lol for Bronadir XDDDD! I love the guy! And I like this family, it's so peculiar.

  2. Plant Sims can fill up a house really quick!


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