December 17, 2011

Reeds (2) - Round 15

Bronadir knew he was upsetting the balance of the home, but he didn't care. 

He was most interested in girls.  They seemed so mysterious... so special... so soft!

He knew that they considered him something of a novelty as well.  Most nights one or two would come down the street, preening and hoping that he would come out to see them. 

Wilbur was surprised to find that his oldest son was now a teenager.  Where did the time go, he wondered. 

What really caught him off-guard was that his youngest had just entered his teen years, as well. 
Phillip seemed to be polar opposites of Wilson. 

While Wilson loved studying with his father, Phillip wanted to play & have fun.

But they got along beautifully.  Wilbur liked to think it was because they were raised in such a loving, plant-based atmosphere.  "If you think about the amount of Vitamin D they absorb each day, it would certainly explain their sunny dispositions," Wilbur discussed with Amy.

Wilbur didn't know why he was so happy - he just knew that he'd grown up with plenty of hands to help and love.  It might be an eclectic family - but it was his family.  And he'd never once felt embarrassed by how different they were!

"Yeah, so this is my house," Wilson told his friend Dean.  "Pretty amazing, huh?"

Dean whistled as he looked around.  "Wow. I thought you were kidding!"

"No way. Isn't it great?"

Dean high-fived Wilson.  "It's awesome! Can I stay the night?!"


  1. Haha Dean, you might learn a little about love here!


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