December 28, 2011

Potters - Round 16

Gwen couldn't believe life had gotten so complicated.  Not really knowing where else to turn, she asked the taxi to take her to Levi's home.  He was surprised when she knocked, but let her in.

Wringing her hands, she blurted out that she needed a place to stay.

Levi was surprised.  "Is everything alright? I thought you and Aaron were engaged!"

Gwen hung her head. Who knew if Levi felt the same way she did!  "I don't really want to talk about it," she hedged.  "Can I just stay on the couch for a few days until I figure out what I'm going to do?"

Levi patted her hand. "Of course. Except, I have a spare bed in the kids' hall.  You're welcome to sleep there." Hesitating, he offered, "I know when a relationship breaks up, it might feel like the end of the world.  But, it gets better... and sometimes you find something you never thought you'd find..."

Gwen ducked her head.  Boy, wasn't that the truth! She'd never intended to fall in love with Levi... and here she was!  Wiping a tear away from her eye, she told Levi that she needed a rest.

Pulling the blankets up to her chin, Gwen thought she might just stay in this room for the rest of the week!

Time flew by and Gwen felt herself falling deeper and deeper for Levi.  But, he never showed any indication that he was more than a friend.  They watched television together, helped the kids with their homework, discussed work issues... but he never expressed an interest in her romantically.  Gwen sighed.  It was probably time to leave.  But, she was so attached!  She loved living here!

She'd practically helped raise the kids: 



Steve, and


Gwen had never told Levi why things hadn't worked out with Aaron.  He'd heard whispers about her falling in love with someone else.  But, that was ridiculous.  She never dated. He knew because he desperately longed to ask her to take a chance on him.  But, maybe she just wasn't ready...

And then... one day... he worked up the  nerve to hold her hand...

And passion exploded!

Afterwards they laid in bed cuddling.

"What took you so long?" Gwen asked.

Levi was incredulous.  "I didn't think you were ready after your engagement broke off.  I thought you were nursing a broken heart!"

Gwen laughed.  "Oh God. All this time wasted! I don't know how to say this... But... Things didn't work with Aaron because I met you... I've loved you all along..."

Feeling incredibly silly when Levi just laid there staring at her, Gwen mumbled something about making lunch and ran out to the kitchen.  He doesn't feel the same way, she fretted.

Levi sprang out of bed and ran after Gwen.  Stopping her in the living room, he dropped to one knee.  "Marry me, Gwen. We wasted so much time trying to feel each other out instead of just letting each other know how we felt.  I've loved you all along, too!"

Gwen couldn't believe her ears! "You love me?" she asked.

Hugging her tight, Levi kissed her ear.  "And I don't want to waste another second."

So an impromtu wedding was arranged.

Levi and Gwen promised to love each other, for better or worse, in sickness and health, and amnesia or not! 
Sabrina watched her Dad marry Gwen and waited nervously to talk to her parents.

After the ceremony, Arthur walked up to Gwen and congratulated her.  "Welcome to the family. You've always been like my Mom."

Gwen's heart melted.  "Thank you. You've always been so special to me, too."

Sabrina was finally able to talk to Dad and Gwen after everyone left.  Anxiously, she bit her lip.  "I have a question," she asked.

Gwen knelt down and held Sabrina's hand.  "What is it sweetheart? Is something wrong?"

Sabrina took a deep breath.  "Can I call you Mom?"

Gwen hugged Sabrina tight. "I'd love it if you called me Mom!"

Levi smiled broadly and put his arm around Gwen's waist.  He knew he was a lucky man.  He'd felt so much pain and despair after Lily had walked out on their family. But, despite that, he'd fallen even deeper in love with an amazing woman!


  1. Seems that things here went well :). I just hope well for Aaron too.

  2. :) Seems like a happy start for this couple.


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