December 8, 2011

Potters - Round 14

Levi came home from work with a promotion and knew it was time to pop the question.  He called Lily over and dropped to one knee...

He wished he'd known that he'd be gaining a wife, but losing a father...   Alvin passed away quietly as the party guests began to arrive.

Despite the heartbreak, Levi & Lily went ahead with the marriage.  Levi was devastated though, and went to sleep immediately after the ceremony.  He was tired, hungry and depressed... not to mention a little smelly.

Lily watched Levi trudge to their room and worried that their marriage wasn't getting off to the best start.

Putting on a smile, she went to quietly talk to the remaining party guests, thanking them for their well wishes and their condolences.

Now that Alvin was gone, Sonja found herself at a loss.  She threw herself into her career and attempted to find solace in the long hours of skilling and working.  Somehow, her victory seemed hollow when she finally reached the top of her career.

But life had the funny was of continuing on its way..

Twin boys! Steve and Arthur made their appearance that night!

Sonja's only regret was that she had gotten to know her darling grandsons more.

Losing both of his parents in such a short period of time made Levi even more family-oriented than he'd been.  He wanted to make sure his kids had every advantage and had plenty of love and attention.

It wasn't long before the boys could walk, talk, and sing all the nursery rhymes thanks to their devoted parents.


  1. I can just imagine the wedding cerimony XD...
    "Oh, Mr Potter, I am *so* happy for your wedding... but I am also *so* sad about your dad..." XDDDDDDDDDDDD!

  2. I know! Grrr!! I'm going to miss Alvin!

  3. Buh-bye that the holidays are here, I have a couple of extra days off. I can read some more on this blog. I have missed it. :)


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