December 29, 2011

McMillans - Round 16

Meredith wasn't surprised that she'd been promoted to the top of the law career.  Some people around town had actually begun to referr to her as the Law. 

She also wasn't surprised by how serious Chance was.  She made sure to try to impress upon Chance the importance of taking life seriously and working hard from a young age. 

The pregnancy took her by surprise, though.

"Sleep well, Chance," Chester whispered as he tucked his little one in.   It was amazing to see the difference between his care-free Lawrence & serious Chance.

 "Meet Lacy," Meredith told Chester & Chance as they paced outside the room.  "Do you want to hold him?" Meredith asked Chance.

"Actually, I have to get to my part-time job.  I'll be home around 9. Don't wait up!"  Chance was pretty proud of himself.  Working, earning money... spending money...

And unbeknownst to his parents... getting serious about something other than his studies....

"I'm glad you could come over for Lacy's birthday.  She's a cute little girl," Chester told Lawrence.  "You're going to love your little sister!"

Lawrence laughed.  "It's hard to believe I have a younger sister that's a baby!"

Chester grinned. "I know! I never expected to have another child this late in life... it just sort of happened...  Well... why don't you go inside and say hello to your brother!"

"What do you mean you don't have a 401k plan? How long have you been working at the SimGames?"

Lawrence sighed. "Ugh. I hate talking about money! I brought over a sample of the game we're working on. Do you think you'd want to try it out with me?"

Chester made a face. "Eh, I don't really like those first person shooters.  But, I can watch while you play..."

Lawrence sighed.  It seemed like he & Chester didn't have anything in common!  But, he was still his little brother & he loved him like crazy.

And his little sister, too.  "Happy birthday Lacy!" the family called out as they blew on the noisemakers and cut the cake.

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  1. I like Lawrence, and Chance too. I'll wait to see little Lacy growing up :)!


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