December 16, 2011

McMillans - Round 15

Chester loved having a baby at his age. He knew he was older than most fathers,

But he was also more established in his career, so he was able to take off when he wanted to help around the house. 

 And he loved being able to play with his growing boy!

"Lawrence!" Chester exclaimed one night.  "What are you doing here? How was school?"

Lawrence beamed and hugged his father.  "Things are good.  Sarah and I are engaged! I just wanted you to be able to meet her!"

Chester cheered.  "My boy! You're growing up so fast!  Come inside and say hello to your little brother while I get to know Sarah a little better!"

 "Hey Chance, I see you're studying!" Lawrence said as he walked in and sat down. "Whatcha reading?"

Chance glanced up.  Lawrence was amazed by how serious this little boy was.  "Don't you want to run around and play? Dad is getting a game of water  balloons started outside."

Chance shrugged. "No. No thank you. I wanted to finish this story."

 Lawrence wondered where Chance got his seriousness from...

 "Mom? I don't think Lawrence likes me," Chance told his Mom over dinner the next night. "You don't think I'm weird, do you?"

Meredith patted Chance's hand.  "No! I know Lawrence loves you! You're his little brother!"

"But I don't even know him, Mom.  He's so much older than me!"

Meredith sighed.  "I know, but you're growing fast and one day when you're grown, you'll look back and love the relationship you had with him.  You know, I never knew my family," Meredith added, wiping a tear from her eye.  "I want you & your brother to be close! I'd always wanted a sister or a brother growing up..."

Chance avoided his Mom's eyes.  "Do you think that maybe... you know.. I can have another brother or sister... but my age?"

Meredith chuckled and stroked Chances hair back from his forehead.  "No, I don't think so. I think your Father & I are done having children."

Chance sighed.  It was worth a shot.


  1. I hope Chester will soon make some frieds of his age :).

  2. @ MizzJulez, yes, the could adopt! Exactly what I thought too!


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