December 31, 2011

McMillans (3) - Round 16

Lawrence and Sarah decided that they'd wasted enough time.  They snuck off to the Speedy's Quickie Chapel downtown. 

Lawrence felt so proud when he'd slipped the ring on Sarah's finger.  He was marrying an amazing woman.  Fun, vibrant, loving & incredibly sexy! What else could a man ask for?!

 After the rings were exchanged, they did what they did best... party!

 Back at home, they invited their family and friends over to continue the party.

 "I'm so proud of you, Lawrence," Chester told him.

"Thanks Dad, that means the world to me." Sighing, he admitted, "I wish Mom was here. I miss her!"

Chester patted his son's arm.  "I know. I do, too.  She was a wonderful, loving woman.  She had big dreams.  I see a lot of you in her."

Lawrence hugged his Father.  "I still wish Meredith and Chance could've made it, though!"

Chester frowned.  "I know.  It was so last minute.  Meredith had a brief she had to prepare for & Chance is studying for his SATs."

Lawrence laughed and shook his head.  "Well, that makes sense! We'll plan a lunch one day to celebrate with them."  Lawrence's eye roved over Sarah.  "Well, Dad, enjoy the party. I'm going to go dance with my wife."


 "Umm... Lawrence!" Sarah called from the bathroom.

"We're pregnant?!" he asked.  "Wow.  Great. That's great!"

Sarah worried.  "Are you okay with it? We'd talked about putting it off for a few more years."

"No! I mean yes! I mean I'm okay with it.  More than okay with it.  A baby! Wow."

Sarah smiled.  "I can't wait to tell my Dad..." Her smile crumpled.  "Except... I can't call him anymore..." A tear slipped down her cheek.  "Sometimes it still doesn't feel like Daddy died."

Lawrence knew how much it hurt.  Hugging her, he kissed her forehead.  "I still think about my Mom all the time.  The pain lessens with time, baby."

Sarah nodded against his chest and let the tears out.


 "Are you sure you're up to the party Sarah? We can always cancel if you're feeling tired."

"Are you kidding? I've been looking forward to this for a long time!"

The guests trickled in and everyone had a wonderful time, staying until the break of dawn. 

After the last guest had left and the bartender paid, Sarah and Lawrence toppled into bed.  "Good idea hiring the bartender. We'll have to keep her number," Lawrence said.

"Yeah. Lots of fun. Kiss me!"

Lawrence chuckled and reached for Sarah.

"OW! Let me go! Let me go!"  Sarah stood up abruptly and clutched her belly.  "I think it's time!"

" Welcome to our family sweet little Lizzie!" Sarah said as she cuddled her baby.

 And Lizzie was such a precious baby. Hardly cried, slept through the night...

...And loved dancing with her Mommy!


  1. Another party-loverXD? I so love this family!

  2. Oh that Lizzie is a pretty girl~


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