December 17, 2011

McMillans (3) - Round 15

Lawrence & Sara were perfect for each other!  They wanted to live life in the fast lane!

They played hard

And partied even harder!

In fact, everything they did was to the extreme!

"Dad, I'm so glad you could come visit!" Lawrence hugged his Dad.  "Did Meredith & Chance come?"

Chester shook his head.  "No, Meredith said something have Chance having a test tomorrow."

Lawrence sighed.  "Does he ever have fun?"

Chester patted Lawrence's arm. "Of course he does. And what's fun for one person isn't fun for another. I didn't say anything about your couch, even though I wouldn't even put it in my garage!" Chester teased.

Lawrence laughed.  "Touche!"

Chester looked around.  "It's a real nice house though.  It suits, you guys."  Chester paused.  "Although, it's not the type of house you'd raise a child in..."

Lawrence cringed.  "Daaaad. You said you wouldn't harp on that!"

Chester held his arms out. "Hey! I want grandchildren!"

Lawrence laughed.  "Then you'll have to hope Chance has some to tide you over.  Sara and I aren't having kids!"

Chester smiled sadly.  "I don't know if I'll be around when Chance has his kids..."

"Girls night!" Sara called out as they entered the club.  She was so glad she'd found a few besties to hit up the local clubs. 

Because sometimes she felt when they weren't partying, she & Lawrence didn't have that much in common anymore...


  1. Uh-oh, trouble ahead... this was your dicision, or really Sara have relation problems with Lawrence?

  2. What? A good looking Sim couple not having children? Ha, this I gotta see! Especially in this hood that is overrun by twinsies!


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