December 30, 2011

McMillans (2) - Round 16

Tristen hugged Conrad when he got home from work.

"What are you doing home so early?" she asked, getting up from teaching Helen to talk.

Conrad smiled.  "I got that promotion.  I'm moving to the big time now."

Tristen smiled.  "I knew you could it sweetie!"

Conrad rubbed her belly.  "How's the baby?"

"Good. Ready to come out!" she laughed.  "Or maybe I'm ready!"

Tristen didn't have long to wait...

...and soon she discovered she would have 3 under the age of 3!

 Soon Helen was ready for a big girl bed...

...Michelle was ready for the toddler bed...
 ...And baby Mark was moved into the nursery.

Austin watched his children and his grandchildren grow.  Nothing could've made him happier... Except watching them grow with his lovely wife, Elizabeth.

"Happy anniversary, darling," Austin announced as he handed her a present.

"For me?" Elizabeth asked, surprised.

"It's just a token of my love.  To show you how much I love you."

"Oh Austin," Elizabeth said, hugging him.  "I love you, too!"

 "Speech! Speech!" Casey called out, laughing when his Mom blushed.

"Yeah Dad, tell us all your secrets on making love last!" Clint teased.

Austin gazed at his boys, glad they were getting a long better these days.  "The secret to making a marriage last is to love each other," he said, gazing deep into Elizabeth's eyes.

Casey doubled over laughing and Clint pretended to gag.  Austin ignored his boys and held Elizabeth's hands.  They would understand when they fell in love...

 "Austin! Happy anniversary!" Chester called as he walked in the room.

"Thank you!  I'll be wishing you the same soon, too.  You and Meredith have been together for so long now!  How's the baby?"

Chester laughed.  "Lacy is wonderful.  I can't believe I was lucky enough to get a little girl.  Boys seem to run in the family!"

"They certainly skipped me!  But I'm happy to be Grandfather to two beautiful little girls.  You get to spoil them rotten!"

"Spoil who rotten Grandpa?" Michelle asked as she skipped in the room.

Austin ruffled Michelle's hair.  "You!" he shouted as he tickle-attacked her. 

"Nooooo!" Michelle ran out of the room laughing.  "Go tickle Mark!"

Austin laughed.  "But Mark is just a little baby!"

"Nuh uh, Grandpa. Dad says Mark is a toddler now! I play peek-a-boo with him all the time.  You can tickle him!"

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  1. HA! Oh I love redheaded little ones. Looks like another full house!


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