December 9, 2011

McMillans (2) - Round 14

Austin reached the top of the science career and was troubled by the lack of research into the unknown paranormal research.  He quickly switched careers before they might consider him too old..

And Austin felt old! It was funny that they'd had Kevin, their youngest so late in life.  They had anticipated having an empty nest and imagined all the fun they would have. But, that would need to wait until Kevin was in college and living a stable life.

A stable life, ha, thought Austin.  These teen boys were incorrigible! He'd caught Casey trying to sneak out to meet up with that girl he was seeing. 

"This is unacceptable, Casey! There are rules in this house!"

Casey snuffled his feet.

Austin shook his head as Casey went to bed.  Boys!

Conrad was excited to head to college.  He couldn't wait to get on campus and have study groups like his Mom had talked about!  He was thrilled thinking about how much he would be able to learn in the quiet dorm...

Kevin loved watching his brothers rough house & throw parties. He couldn't wait until he was older so that he could have fun, too!

Casey was glad that Chelsea had come over, but he was a little bummed that she'd come home with Clint.  "Oh well," he thought to himself, "that doesn't mean anything..."

"What the hell?!" Casey shouted as Chelsea excitedly gave Clint a hug.  "I'm right here!"

Chelsea blushed and stepped away.  "I know! I'm so sorry Casey.  I don't what came over me. I'm so embarrassed!" Looking at Clint, she mumbled, "I'm so sorry" and ran out of the house.

Clint looked over at Casey and shrugged.  "I don't even know what happened!"

Casey was bummed. He'd really liked Chelsea and she'd just made a move on his brother right in front of him! To hell with girls! "Whatever Clint, let's go meet some new girls. I want to have 50 1st dates!"

Clint high-fived Casey.  "Yes! I'll call the matchmaker!"

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  1. haha 50 first dates is fun when the sim has enough money to call the matchmaker!


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