December 8, 2011

McMillan - Round 14

Meredith rubbed her belly and gazed at her house.  Or should she say, their house...

The house she shared with Chester and his deceased wife, Jacqueline.

She tried not to let it bother her because she knew Chester loved her.  But, sometimes she still caught Chester talking to Jacqueline about Lawrence and how he was worried their boy was too wrapped up in pleasure to really succeed in anything.

Hopefully when she had a new child for Chester to think about, all that would change.

Lawrence knew his Dad was worried about him, but really... he could balance a job and fun times! Besides, there was no rush to reach the top of the career so quickly! He could totally take him time.

Chester talked to Sarah Carter and tried to follow along with what she was talking about.  The girl jumped around from topic to topic and said 'like' every few words.  Chester shook his head, wondering what they taught in school these days...

Later, he'd gone to dust off Jacqueline's urn and wondered aloud, "I hope Lawrence knows what he's doing Jackie!"

Meredith walked in as he was talking and he saw her roll her eyes and then storm out of the room.  Sighing, he went after her.  She'd gotten a little tempermental during the last stage of her pregnancy.  It seemed like everything he did set her off. He found her crying on the bed.

Sitting next to her, he rubbed her back.  "I'm sorry that it upsets you," he said.  "It's more habit than anything else.  Right after I lost her, I would talk to her every day about how our boy was growing and asking for advice."

Meredith wiped the tears from her eyes. "But you're supposed to talk to me about those things now!"

Chester sighed.  "I know. And I do! I guess it's hard to explain."

"I don't want to take her place... but I guess I don't want her to take my place either!"  Suddenly, Meredith's eyes widened. "Oh my goodness!"

Chester could hardly contain his enthusiasm.  Another little boy!  They named him Chance.  As he hugged Meredith he told her that he'd been so lucky because he was given another shot at love. 
Chester and Meredith reveled in how wonderful little Chance was.  It surprised Chester to realize how different it was raising little Chance than it had been raising Lawrence.  He guessed 18 years was a big difference!

And now that Lawrence was 18... it was time for him to go to college...

Soon after, the haunting began...

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  1. I have a feeling Jackie is going to be unmerciful to Meredith!


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