December 30, 2011

Landrys - Round 16

 "I'm so nervous. Do you think your parents are going to like me?" Lyndsay worried. 

Ryder slung his arm around his fiance.  "Don't worry! They've never met someone they didn't like!"

Lyndsay sighed.  "Oh good. I'm so nervous!"

 "Mom, Dad," Ryder introduced his parents to Lyndsay.  "This is my fiance, Lyndsay."

Sally jerked a startled gaze to Lyndsay.  "What about that nice girl Kate?!"

Lyndsay looked at the ground.  She knew it! They hated her!

Ryder kissed his Mom's cheek.  "Well, things have changed at college.  She's marrying Ralph Reed.  And I met Lyndsay.  I love her like crazy.  We're engaged!"

Rueben shook Lyndsay's hand.  "Well it's nice to meet you, young lady."

Sally rallied, "Would you like to join us for dinner?"

Ryder hesitated.  This wasn't going very well.  "Actually, Mom... I was hoping she could move back in with me.  It will save us money as we get started..."

Rueben and Sally shared a look.  "Why... that should be fine!" Rueben said.  "You kids go bring your things in and we'll get lunch ready..."

 "They hated me Ryder!" Lyndsay moaned as they watched the stars down by the beach.

Ryder tried to comfort her.  That had been rough.  He was surprised his parents took such an initial dislike to Lyndsay.  "Maybe they just need time to get to know you better.  It was a pretty big shock."

Lyndsay made a face.  "Yeah, that I wasn't their precious Kate!  Really! I didn't know you'd been so serious about her in high school!"

Ryder shifted uncomfortably.  "Let's just call it Puppy Love.  What I feel for you is the real thing!  I want to marry you, have babies with you and raise a family together."

Lyndsay snuggled closer and smiled.  "Okay.  That works."

Quinn threw one last blow-out party before heading off to college.  He couldn't wait to meet new chicks!

 Dean called the college to confirm his scholarships and grants were in place.  Satisfied that everything was taken care of, he called up the taxi, kissed his mom goodbye and got ready to get down to business!

Perhaps they had been a little loud....

Lyndsay pulled her bathrobe tighter around her when Ryder's parents stormed into the room.  Oh God, I'm so embarrassed, she thought.  Kill me now!

 "I've tried to be pleasant and understanding about this arrangement," Rueben said, waving his hands around.  "But, if you guys are going to live together under my roof... you are going to be married." Reuben admonished.

Ryder pulled Lyndsay back down onto the bed with him.  "Okay." he said.  "Let's invite a few people over, Lynds." Ryder smiled.  That seemed to take the bluster out of Dad's sails!

Ryder called up 20 of his best and dearest friends to attend.

In all her years planning her wedding, Lyndsay had never imagined a beach-side wedding.  But, it was perfect!  The sun was shining, the waves were lapping at their barefeet and the beautiful lighthouse loomed in the background. 

Just beautiful!
And everything she had never known she had wanted!

 Her life would be perfect... if only she could find a medical job in this town... and if her in-laws would warm towards her!


  1. I guess Lyndsay didn't make a great first impression because Rueben kept poking her. And the peeved look was actually because I pulled a tv out of Lyndsay's inventory & placed it backwards in the room. So, they came in to see the tv & then stomped their feet because they couldn't use it. It just so happened to be 5 seconds after Ryder & Lyndsay woo-hooed.

    Maybe I'm the only one that finds that funny. :)

  2. Lol for the TV thing XDDD! I wondered if the parents had coming for the whoo-hoo XD... Anyway, poor Lidsay. I hope she will be more accepted now that they are married...

  3. Sims sometimes do the exact thing you need them to for the storyline!


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