December 9, 2011

Landry - Round 14

"Hey Quinn, do you wanna play cops and robbers?"

Quinn rolled his eyes and kept making his snow angel.

Upstairs in their room, Dean tried again.  "Look Quinn, I'm tired of getting in trouble. We need to work out our differences..."

"Leave me alone!" Quinn yelled and then chased Dean around the room with a frog he'd put in his pocket.

"Come on Quinn! It's Mom & Dad's birthday! We're going to get in trouble! They have guests!"

Quinn shrieked as he jumped on top of Dean and started pummeling him.

"You look handsome as ever, darling," Sally said, admiring Rueben. 

Rueben smiled.  "You look beauitful, as well, dear."

Rueben couldn't have imagined a better life than the one they had.  A house full of family and friends...

twin boys who were as different as night and day..

 and Ryder, the spitting image of himself when he was young.

 Although the twins were growing up fast, as well.  Dean was growing up handsome as could be.

 And Quinn reminded him of his mother.

It didn't take very long for the boys to start inviting girls over.  Rueben watched Dean give Sonja Carter a chaste kiss.  Maybe she would understand the difficulties of being a twin since she was one herself.
And Quinn seemed to revel in dating all the available girls in the neighborhood...

Dean swam in the ocean in the moonlight and felt so relaxed.  Sometimes when Quinn was being particularly annoying, Dean would just come out here and take a dip in the waves.  His Mom said it was no big surprise that he was interested in Oceanography since he lived part-time in the water anyways. 

Dean liked the sound of that...


  1. I love the twins *-*! Now that they grep up, maybe they won't create such chaos in the house anymore.

  2. This is one of my favorite houses! I'm so sad that Sally is growing old because she's been so much fun to play!


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