December 31, 2011

Johnstons - Round 16

Amar wished he didn't feel like he had to work all the time, but there were reports to read & write...

But, it felt nice when his wife would settle down near him with their baby.

 Although, she wasn't a baby anymore...

 Caleb would soon be a teenager, but for now he was happy playing with his toys in his room.

 But, the day had come...

 Caleb was a teenager!

 Susie thought it was time to make sure Caleb got a good education.  Miss Crumplebottom's Academy seemed the best option.  She'd been pleased that they were accepted so easily.  She had heard the application process could be nerve-wracking.  But, serving a turkey dinner seemed to go over extremely well!  Maybe she'd write a book about it!

Caleb convinced his Mom to let him throw a party.  He told her that he didn't know anyone in the neighborhood and wanted to meet friends before school started.

And maybe even meet a few girls...

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  1. A "normal" and happy family here :).I like Caleb!


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