December 17, 2011

Johnstons - Round 15

Amar couldn't believe the direction his life had taken since he met Susie! Before he'd been just a maid working in a dead-end job.  Now he was a father, a husband..

..and on his way to being Mayor of Paradise Valley!

And now he could add father to a beautiful little girl Alyssa!

Caleb was the serious sort.  He liked things done in a certain order...

..and he loved nature.  Amar would often find him smelling the roses or collecting bugs.

That didn't matter to his parents though.  Susie used to take him on long hikes through the trails.  She said it was good exercise.

And she was head coach in the athletic field - so she would know!

A tear came to Susie's eye as she watched her Mom cuddling her daughter Alyssa.  "I'm so glad you got a chance to meet her, Mom." she told her mother.  She knew that her Mom's time on earth was coming to an end.  She wasn't sure if her Mom would see another winter...

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  1. I was going to write: "what a happy family", then I read the ned of the post XDDD... well, they are happy despite Death :).


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