December 8, 2011

Harts - Round 14

Aaron came home and let his suitcase drop the ground.  College had sucked! He hadn't made any good friends, he hadn't found the love of his life, and to top it all of, he'd had to watch that shrew Veronica Potter making a fool of his best friend Tyler Carter.  But, it always seemed like the second Veronica apologized, Tyler forgave her like an idiot because she got him a rose.

Aaron was depressed.

Big time.

"Oh my God!" Susie exclaimed when she saw their dorm maid, Amar.  "What are you doing here?"

Amar started.  He remembered Susie! She'd been a lot of fun.  But, she was also friends with Veronica Potter.  Amar fanned himself when he remembered.  Clearing his throat, "Well, the commute was worth it for the tips I received. But, I decided to stick close to home this year."

Susie batted her eyelashes, "Well, lucky for me!"

Amar looked over Susie again. At first glance, you didn't really notice the sexiness, especially under those sweats... but maybe...

 "Susie! Come quick! I'm having the baby now!" Diane called from the entryway.

Susie grabbed Amar's arm. "Oh my God! What do we do? Should we call someone?"

Amar patted Susie's hand.  "Don't worry. I've seen this done a few times as a maid.  It'll be okay!"

DISASTER!  Everyone shook their head as they hovered over Matthew's charred body.  Even the Grim Reaper was disappointed.  What fool jumped in puddles during a lightening storm?

Aaron stood in front of his Dad's grave & realized that life could pass you by in a blink of the eye.  He had to get serious about finding a wife, if he wanted to have a happy family. 

Easier said than done, though.  Aaron worried the entire time that his date wasn't having any fun.

Glancing over, he noticed Susie and Amar were getting along.  And if they could find love so soon...

They'd had a fun time & he thought he loved her.  Aaron dropped to one knee and proposed.

"Umm... I'm really sorry, but this was our first date!  I hardly know you!"

Aaron was devastated.

Amar had better luck with Susie.

"Yes! Yes I'll marry you!" she screeched.

 Susie invited all their college friends and broke out the bubbly... 

Tyler Carter walked into the back bedroom looking for Veronica.  "Veronica?" he gasped when he saw her slow dancing with Gunnar.

"I knew it!" he accused.  "I've been looking for you to let you know they're ready to cut the cake and you're back here with him!  I'm done with you Veronica! You've made your choice!"  Tyler stormed out as the guests all stopped to stare.  Veronica walked out with Gunnar following behind her and smoothed out her dress.

Pasting on a smile, she looked around, "So, I heard something about cake?"

Gunnar saw Aaron heading towards him and leaned over to whisper, "Meet me at my place in 30 minutes." Then, he sidestepped Veronica and headed out after Tyler.

"You're joking?" Seth said to Diane as he rocked Freddie.  "He caught them in the back bedroom?!"

Diane nodded. "I know! In our house! Poor Susie was incredibly embarrassed! And on her wedding day!"

Seth tsked.  "Well, I hope Tyler has the good sense to move on..."

Susie didn't try to dwell on how unpleasant her wedding turned out.  She had Amar and she was now Mrs. Johnston.  A pregnant Mrs. Johnston.  Life was pretty amazing, considering!

Aaron came in to see his nephew, Caleb.  Trying to smile, he felt a little sick to the stomach.  Things hadn't worked out with the mail lady, and now she refused to return his phone calls.  He must've scared her off by proposing too soon...

"I think I need a vacation," he thought sadly.  I'll shake things up a bit, he thought.

Aaron had been so excited to get away from the newlyweds & the newborns.  He was having fun doing his own thing & not worrying about anyone else.

The fresh mountain air was great for him! He'd met a few local girls and promised to keep in touch, he'd shed his extra weight, and he finally felt like he was on top of the world!

He just hoped he felt that way when he got back...


  1. That was the best XDDD! Poor Mattew, poor Tyler, but... really, amazing post this one XD!

  2. Thanks! I loved that Aaron went on a vacation and got his groove back. :)

  3. I find that Sims often ofen roll a want to go on vacation when lots of things happen in the house.


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