December 30, 2011

Downies - Round 16

Camilla hated the idea of sleeping in a coffin.  It just really spooked her, although she'd never admit it to her Mother.  She insisted that the dark room with no windows was perfectly fine for her.

 It was hard adjusting to her new life, although she loved the power she had.  She wished more than anything that Drake & her little sister Rebeka would have a normal life...

 ...Well... as normal as you could get with vampires in the family...

Drake wished he knew why his family felt different.  He knew that his parents & sister only came out at night.  And they were paler than everyone else.  Reeves said it was just his imagination.  But, Drake knew what he saw!

He just wished he knew what to do about it...

"This is your last screw-up Blake! I cannot believe you botched the job as badly as you have!"

Blake meekly stared at his fingers.  He was in charge of a jewel heist that went badly.  Victor had never shown up.

And Regina was furious.

"Look! Cut me a little slack!" he yelled back.  Oh my God, he worried.  He yelled back at Regina.  He watched her eyes narrow. 

"Do not forget your place, dear Husband of mine.  Your goal in life is to see six children married.  I would hate for you to miss even the first wedding..."

Blake looked down a this feet.  "I'm sorry Regina." Clearing his throat, he spoke up again. "I only meant to say..."

Regina scoffed.  "Do not push your luck.  You may go now! I will fix your error."  Regina waved her hand, dismissing him from her sight.

As though he was nothing more than a lowly servant.

 "Thank you for coming, Gypsy.  I have a need of something... special.   I want you to procur a potion...."

Several nights later, Regina admired the slightly glowing potion.  "This will do nicely," she said snidely.  "You are excused."

It was time to go about righting her husband's errors...

Victor Russell glanced back at the butler & the gypsy flanking his sides.  He'd been awakened in the middle of the night by the gypsy woman.  He had been worried that Whitney would wake up, but thankfully she slept soundly.

Trying to adopt the look of nonchalance, he asked, "What's up? You wanted to see me?"

Regina narrowed her eyes.  There was something off about this man.  She just couldn't put her finger on it.  "My husband has spoken highly of you.  And yet you were not at the last assignment.  That omission lead to much time and expense on my behalf... fixing the assignment.  I will not tolerate that in the future."

Victor hedged.  "I'm sorry Countess. I was called away at the last moment.  I sent word to Count Pai."

Regina templed her fingers.  "On what business?"

Sweat collected at Victor's collar & he looked her in her cold, dead eyes.  "I was investigating... I heard of an opportunity out at sea.  It did not pan out."

Regina stared at Victor for what seemed like an eternity.  "I grow tired. You may leave. I will think about what punishment you deserve. Go!"

Regina was glad when she delivered the newest child.  She was weary of carrying the extra weight & burden.  Pregnancy was hard on a woman, even when that woman was a vampire.

"Here.  Take your son," she informed Blake.  "I have things to attend to."

Blake cuddled his child against his chest.  "I will call you Lestat, son."


"Mom, I don't know about this..." Camilla argued.

"Nonsense." Regina snapped.

"But, he's family!"

"Family must obey." Glancing at Camilla, Regina snapped, "Do not forget that."

Blake walked up the steps, still sore seeing his daughter Camilla in his place.  Regina rarely asked his opinions anymore.  Although, he began to doubt that she'd ever really considered his feelings or opinions before.  It seemed more and more that she had merely paid him lip-service to keep him from arguing.

Regina held her hand up, motioning for him to stop.  "I just wanted to let you know your plan with Victor Russell has been discovered.  I have recently learned that you had conspired against me... against your own daughter... And Victor is conveniently away at sea on an oceanography visit.  How nice that he has abandoned his master to his fate alone."

"Mom!" Camilla cried.  "Please don't!"

Blake tried to catch his daughter's eye to assure her that everything would be okay.  He just wished he was confident that was the truth...

"I grow tired of your screw-ups.  There is a potion in the room that will deal with you...  Take it before morning or else my loyal servants will deal with you!"

Camilla cried out in anguish.  Knowing it was useless to argue with her Mother, Empress of Evil, Camilla covered her eyes and ran from the room.

"How cruel can you be?" Blake demanded.  "She's your daughter and you're upsetting her! We could've had this meeting in private.  Why did you have to involve her?"

Regina shrugged.  "She needs to toughen up.  She will come around."  Then, coldly she turned her shoulder and walked away.

Blake watched her leave and sighed.  Feeling weak, he sat down... in her seat.  Funny how just a few months ago he had coveted this chair... and now... he would give anything to have never seen it!

Drake had found an old text on mythological creatures in the library and had poured through the pages, especially ones dealing with Vampires and Werewolves.  

He thought he understood his family more, now.  And he felt older...

Not a child like Rebeka...

He knew he would need to protect her from any harm...

"Drake. There has been something I have been wanting to talk to you about..." Regina said as Drake came into the Great Room.


"Did you know she planned this, Camilla? You're all buddy-buddy with her!" Drake was livid.  He did not want to be a vampire! It wasn't fair!

Camilla crossed arms.  "I didn't.  She only involves me when she wants to make a point.  I hate her, Drake."

Drake sighed.  "What are we going to do?" he wondered.

Camilla hugged her brother.  "It will be okay. Don't worry. It's not that bad, really..."

Drake sighed again.  He didn't know about that...


Blake stared at the potion that sat on the table by his coffin.  He had a choice.  Drink it or be dragged out into the daylight by Regina's thugs.  Love was quickly turning to hate...

He slowly walked over and picked it up...

Peering into the glowing bottle, Blake shrugged.  Here goes nothing, he thought...


  1. Nooooooooooooooou, suspance! I want the next round! Useless to say that I still love this family!

  2. :) My favorite family. Those kids ought to conspire to have the Countess dragged out into the sunlight, then take the potion themselves to be normal again.


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