December 17, 2011

Downies - Round 15

The Pai home was turning more into a fortress as the years progressed.  No longer was a hide-out at the edge of town.  Regina was well-respected and much-feared and didn't need to cower behind a facade.  She liked the idea of having her own special fortress.

Nothing fancy, she chuckled.  Just your average decor...

"Clay," Regina snapped as she swept down the stairs.  "Quit fooling around on the piano.  Tell me about the bootleg.  Have you completed the transaction?"

Clay immediately stopped playing and greeted his wife, kissing her on the cheek.  "Everything is in order love.  I've put my best men on it."

"Who?" Regina demanded.  Details were important.

"Blake and his new friend, Victor."

"What do we know about this Victor?" she asked. 

Clay felt himself getting defensive. It was like she didn't trust him to do anything! "He's worked with Blake on a few occasions and comes highly recommended."

Regina fumed inside.  Clay could be so dense at times.  She still had much training to do with him.  But, he was beginning to get too full of himself.  He thought he knew everything. Ha! she thought bitterly.  "I will look into this myself."

Clay slightly bowed.  "As you wish, my dear."

Regina sensed Clay's feelings were hurt.  But, it did not matter, she knew how to smooth things over.

"Would you care to dance?" she asked him sweetly.  "It has been awhile since we have been... intimate.  Perhaps tonight we can make use of our bed upstairs?"


Clay greeted Victor and invited him inside. "I wanted to talk to you about your employment with us." 

Victor sauntered in and looked around the place.  "Wow, what did this set you back?"

Clay frowned.  Victor was not what Blake had led him to believe. There was something off about him. Perhaps he should not have trusted Blake's impressions, after all. 

Clay thought about how to proceed.  He didn't want to bother Regina with this trouble.  He had seen her hypnotize someone before to bend them to her will.  Maybe he could do that as well.

"Quit it man!" Victor slapped at Clay's hands.  "I don't play for that team. Keep your hands to yourself!"

Clay hissed.  "What are you talking about?"

Victor stepped back.  "You were getting touchy-feely there!"

Clay couldn't believe it!  "I was not! I mean, I am not! I'm married to a powerful, sexy goddess!  I will speak to Regina about your impertinance!"

Victor held his hands up. "Hey! No farm, no foul!" Pausing, he asked, "So you wanted to talk business?"

Regina couldn't believe how easy it was to manipulate Clay.  He was especially easily led around when she was pregnant.  He believed it was necessary to dote on her. Silly man.

 Regina delivered their 3rd child in the middle of the night. She handed the child off to Reeves immediately.

"Tell Count Pai that his child, Rebeka, has been born.  Then, fetch Camilla to the Great Room."

Reeves wasn't sure what was going on.  There seemed to be a tension in the air.  He was worried for little Camilla, but there was nothing he could do. He knew he would obey Regina, no matter what.

"Mother. Father. " Camilla greeted her parents as she entered the room with Reeves.  "Reeves has told me you wished to see me."

Regina stood up and interrupted her daughter.  "Silence.  It is time for you to understand who you are."
Swiftly, Regina rushed forward and bite the side of Camilla's neck. 

"I feel strange..." Camilla said faintly.  Looking over at Reeves, she was shocked by the sick look on his face.  "What is it?" she asked, touching her face.  "What happened?"

"Your life has begun," Regina said proudly.  "You are to follow in my footsteps as Empress of Evil.  I have chosen you to take over my dynasty."

Clay looked over at Regina.  "I thought that you said I..."

Regina turned towards Clay and snapped, "Quiet. I have told you my decision.  I will begin grooming Camilla for her duty."

Clay bowed his head.  "As you wish."

Regina then turned to Reeves, who looked quite pale.  "Go and check on Master Drake."

Reeves found Drake upstairs playing in his room.  "Master Drake.  Would you care for some dinner?"

Drake put down his toys. "Yeah! I am kind of hungry! Will Mom & Dad join us?"

"I'm afraid not, Master Drake."

"What about Camilla?"

Reeves still felt shaky after what he had seen.  His poor, sweet Camilla... now a vampire... "I'm... I'm afraid not Master Drake. Hurry along now. No more questions!" he added testily.  The children seemed to ask less questions when he used that tone. And in this house, the less questions - the better!

Drake ate his hamburger by himself. He'd used to play with Camilla all the time.  He remembered how she used to tease him by pulling a toy from him.  But now, he never saw her anymore. 

It certainly was lonely in the house...


  1. This is always one of my favourite families *-*! When I play my sims game, all my families become very similar to eachother; yours instead are so different!

  2. Erm, saw it coming. Now lets see what happens between Regina and Clay....heh


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