December 8, 2011

Downies - Round 14

Regina gloated over how well things were going.  Blake was progressing nicely in the criminal career under her tutelage.

Camilla was growing up to be a beauty!  Regina could not wait to teach this child the ways of the world.  Gunnar had been a resounding disappointment.  But, Regina had great hopes that Camilla would take over her dynasty one day.

To keep Blake happy, Regina allowed herself to be impregnated again.  Although, that did not slow down her... extramarital affairs in the least. 

Regina hissed, "You will be Drake!"

It was taking Blake awhile to get used to being a vampire.  There were so many absurb things that he couldn't do anymore.  Like pay the bills...

"Sweet Mother of...." Blake cried as the sun began to scorch his skin.  Desperately he transformed into a bat and headed to their lair.  Narrowly he made it.

"You idiot!" Regina raged.  "What if someone had seen you?!  You must be more careful or you risk exposing me to danger!  And thereby your children."

Blake hung his head in shame.  He didn't know how Regina had found out about his afternoon stroll.

 "Come on Reeves! Isn't it odd that Mother & Father seem to disappear during the day?"

Reeves folded his arms. "You should concern yourself with your homework with as much passion, Miss Camilla.  Your parents are simply busy individuals."

 Camilla pouted, but in the end, Reeves admonished her and sent her to bed.

Regina stroked Reeves cheek.  "You have been a most useful servant to me, Reeves.  You will continue to watch over Camilla like a hawk.  She must not learn of her true nature before I am able to turn her..."

"Reeves!" Camilla cried the next morning when the wind blew open the door and two bats flew through the house.  "Reeves! There are flying rats inside!"

Reeves hurried into the room with a broom and sweat formed on his brow as he watched them fly into the garage.  "Well, I must call the pest control right away, Miss Camilla.  Now hurry and get ready for school.  You have been admitted to Miss Crumplebottom's Academy."  Reeves shooed her into her room to change.

Camilla stole a glance over her shoulder again. Curious, she thought.  Reeves was hiding something...  she just had to figure out what!


  1. I *love* this family! I love Camilla, and I like Reeves! Regina is enjoyng life I see...

  2. I looooooove Regina! I'm so glad she didn't stay with Walter Reed. All she would've been in Walter's house was a desperate housewife.. but here... woo hoo... an evil, diabolical Mistress of the Dark. :)

  3. LOl This is a fun family. I love the vamps of TS2!


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