December 31, 2011

Downies (3) - Round 16

 He had met Elise Love at a friend's house one night and had a real connection with her.  So she knew going in what he was like... and surprisingly didn't seem to mind...

 Of course, neither did the gardener...

 "What are YOU doing here?" Gunnar yelled as he approached Regina's lackey.

 "I.... I...."

 "You go back and tell Regina that I want to see her. We have a lot to discuss."

"You don't  understand... I..."

"DO IT!" he yelled as he lunged forward.

"I... I... I will..." she said as she backed away.

With a plan forming in his mind, he called the Gypsy over for some assistance.  He gave her some hush money and prayed that it was enough....

 And then waited...

 And waited...

"What are you doing here?" Gunnar shoved her.

"Wait! Stop! You don't understand!"

"You have 5 seconds to explain."

He watched her wring her hands.  "I don't work for Regina anymore.  She had no use for me after you Father died."

"Why have you been keeping an eye on me then all these years?"

She looked down.  "At first, I felt responsible for you.  I... I tried to tell your Father what your Mother had become... But it was too late... There was nothing he could do."

Gunnar was confused.  "And now?"

"And now... I walk by because I'm attracted to you..." she leaned in slowly and questioningly kissed him.

Gunnar allowed her to kiss him, but held himself on high alert. This could be a trap.  When she looked back up at him with a question in her eyes, he told her.  "Use your connections. Send my Mother to me. Then we'll talk..."

Elizabeth glanced down.  "Yes. I will." Then she turned and quickly walked away.

 He didn't have long to wait.

No pleasantries were exchanged.  No questions about how their life had been since the last time they had seen each other. 

Gunnar lunged for her...

She was strong, but he was stronger and had more passion.  Regina had grown lazy and soft from the years of ordering others around.  Gunnar easily defeated her.

 "What are you going to do?" she demanded with a hiss.  "Kill your own Mother?!" 

"No, I'm going to get my Mother back."  Gunnar handed her the potion.  "Drink this."

Regina stared at the bottle, recognizing it's glow. "NO!" she hissed with her teeth bared. "You cannot make me!"

Gunnar shrugged.  "You have a choice.  Meet the dawn or drink the potion." 

Regina glared at the thing she had spawned.  It was too ironic for words that she had just given Blake this same choice so blithely.  He had chosen the potion like a coward. 

Glancing to the side, she tried to determine if she could make a break for it.  "I can do this all night," he threatened.  "But you have to make the choice before morning..."

"Damn you!" she screamed as she gulped the potion down.  She didn't feel anything, but slowly, the tingles wracked her body.

"Nooooooo!" she screamed again as she felt all the power leaving her body.  She felt... powerless... weak...  Glaring at Gunnar, she ran away with her proverbial tale between her legs.

Gunnar watched her scurry away/  He breathed in a deep breath of ocean air and felt... peace... For the first time, he didn't feel the sense of urgency to avenge his Father's death or to make his Mother pay for her crimes. 

Strangely, he felt ready to settle down and start a family.... but with who?


  1. So now Regina is a human??? What will happen to her emperor then? I wonder what would have happen if Regina had won the fght with Gunnar.


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