December 30, 2011

Downies (2) - Round 16

Whitney moaned as she went into labor.  Why did Victor have to be away on an oceanography stint?  He came home one morning and announced that there was a last minute change in a shift and that he would be gone for awhile.

 He'd missed the birth of his son, Lance.

It was hard on Whitney, feeling like a single mother with a newborn baby.  It was especially hard because she frequently didn't hear from Victor.  She worried that he might not come back...

But, finally he returned and told her about his promotions & all the bonuses he had earned as a reward for being gone so long.

Whitney was unswayed.  Money wasn't important to her.  Their relationship was important to her.  "It wasn't worth it Victor. Not a penny of it! I've missed you!" she cried.

Victor hugged her.  "I'm sorry Whitney. I couldn't help it.  But, I'm back now."  He rested his cheek on her head.  "I'm back now, baby."


Victor looked down.  "Is this.... this is Lance!"

 "I showed him pictures every day.  He missed his Daddy."

Victor's heart broke.  He picked up Lance and cuddled him.  "I'm sorry I missed so much, Whitney.  It couldn't be helped."

Whitney looked at the ground.  "That's what you keep saying.  But, if you ever leave like that again... it's over..."

Victor frowned.  It was important that he was gone in case Regina, Empress of Evil, was looking for him.  He'd come back the moment word went out that the scene had cooled down enough for him to return.  He'd heard from the officials at the top that they were close to closing in...

He hoped that was the case.. 

Because he couldn't bare the thought of losing his family...  Although... if Regina found out about him he might lose them permanently....


  1. I fear for his family more than for Victor himself... if Regina wants to hit him, that's where she would hit. Anyway, I am starting to like Victor :).

  2. yeah, Victor is a nice guy. I wonder why he was mixed up in the crime syndicate anyway!

  3. In my mind, he was undercover trying to get some info to bring down the Evil Empress Regina. :)

    When I first met him, he was one of Austin McMillan's police buddies. Then, Whitney married him & I found out he was in the police force, but had a criminal LTW.


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