December 8, 2011

Downies (2) - Round 14

Whitney knew she had to make the effort to make-up with Brett.  Especially since his sister was her co-worker.  Although, her niece & nephew were precious.  She still couldn't believe he wound up with Erica! Straight-laced, goody-two-shoes Erica.  Wonders never ceased.

 "You work such weird hours, Victor," Whitney said one night.

Victor had sighed and hugged her.  "I know.  Hopefully the hours turn around soon. Have fun tonight," he told her as he kissed her goodbye.

 Nancy doted on her bird, her grandchildren & Weldon.

She was amazed by how far she'd made it in her life.  Don had always told her during a fight that she'd never amount to anything without him. Boy had she shown him wrong! She had three lovely daughters and a wonderful career.  Not to mention 100k in the bank!

 "You're up early," Whitney said as they shared an omlette. 

Victor hurriedly ate his food. "Yeah, I was going to go in a little early. Big promotion yesterday." Giving her a kiss on the head, he promised, "Tonight's our night, okay? We'll have a big Dream Date!"

Whitney sighed.  She hoped he wasn't cheating on her this early into their marriage... She'd have to talk to Mom about that...

Whitney came home from work & dropped to her knees when she heard the news that her Mother had passed away so suddenly.  "What happened?" she sobbed.

Weldon wiped a tear from his eye.  "I'm not quite sure... I didn't even see it... I was on the ballet barre..." Shaking his head again, he sobbed, "I didn't even see & it was right behind me!"

Whitney wasn't surprised to find Weldon had passed away sometime during the night.  He'd been despondent over losing Nancy and his health had been frail.


Victor had finally made the connection he was waiting for.  One more step closer and he'd be rubbing elbows with the Empress of Evil - Regina Downie Pai.  At first he thought that he might have a connection through Nancy Downie, but he'd learned early on that Nancy and her girls had nothing to do with the late Don and his wife, Regina. 

But, he'd fallen in love with Whitney the moment he set eyes on her.  Now he just needed to find a way to tell her what was going on...  And that wasn't going to be easy...


  1. I really like Victor :)! I hope his marriage with Whitney won't be ruined by his carrear, but... I bet the plot will be more complex than this XD!


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