December 17, 2011

Creelmans - Round 15

Jody thought sourly that she might've just received her promotion because she happened to be pregnant.  The law firm wouldn't say so outright, but she'd gotten the impression that she should look for employment elsewhere after her maternity leave was over.

That was fine with her. She'd always wanted to be an architect anyways!

And she was glad that it gave her more of a chance to spend with Adam & Opal before her due date.
...that was fast approaching...

Jody called Adam into the room.  "Meet our little boy, Jay," she said proudly.

Adam smiled as he stroked his little boy's cheek.  "He looks just as pretty as you!"

"What about me, Dad?" Opal asked. 

Adam knelt down next to his daughter and playfully tugged on her pony-tail.  You are as beautiful as your Mom, too.  The boys are going to line up for you one day and I'm going to have to beat them off with sticks!"

Opal giggled.  "Nuh uh!"

It was amazing how fast time sped by, Jody thought.  Before she knew it, Jay was a toddler...
...and then a serious little boy...

She worried that soon they would be adults with children of their own before she had time to spend with them!  Maybe she should focus less on work & more on the family!

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  1. Jody is a workaholic all right . Opal sure is a beauty!


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