December 11, 2011

Creelmans - Round 14

Jody came home excited that she'd reached the top of the medical field. Now she was ready to become an architect.

Except apparently that would need to wait about 9 months...

Adam was overjoyed that they were expecting a little baby.  He rubbed Jody's belly and cooed. 

"It can hear me, right?" he asked.

Jody smiled.  "Yes, baby's can hear very early."

"Hello little baby! I can't wait to hoooold you!"

Jody smiled down at little Opal.  She couldn't wait for Adam to get off work so that he could finally rock their daughter in his arms!

Having a baby that depended on him changed the way Adam thought about the world.  He tried even harder to save money, to excel at work, and to be the best father & husband possible.

In order to save some cash, he bought an old, used car and started working on it during his spare time...

"Happy birthday Opal!" Jody sang. 

She wished that Adam could've been home and knew he would be disappointed to have missed Opal's birthday again, but she knew that things would change for him soon!  He was sure he would get that new promotion sometime soon!

Adam snuck into the nursery late that night and scooped Opal up into his arms.  "Happy birthday, baby!" he whispered as he rocked her in his arms. 

"Wake up little one, I have some news for you! Daddy is a star! And I'm changing jobs so I'll be around more!"

Adam kissed Opal on the cheek and laid her back in the bed to sleep.  He couldn't wait to tell Jody the good news!

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