December 28, 2011

Carters - Round 16

Shannon felt on top of the world! He'd reached the top of another career, had a loving wife & two great kids.
 What more could a man ask for on his birthday?

 "Time to retire," Shannon told his twin, Alec.  "I'm going to sit back and enjoy the golden years!"

And it felt great! Shannon felt like he finally had time to spend with his kids and his friends.

Alton had skipped dinner again.  Impatient, he grabbed a bag of chips and munched.  Wiping the salt off on his suit jacket, he dropped the bag on the floor and walked over to his Cleanbot.

 "Time to test you out, little guy!" Eureka! It worked! He couldn't wait to hit the drawing board again. 

 "Shannon. I want you to talk to Alton," Brittany told her husband.  "I'm worried about him!"


"Well, he just spends so much time locked away in the lab. He's not eating, he's not doing his homework.  You need to take him out for a jog... or to throw a football... something!"

Shannon sighed.  "But he doesn't enjoy doing that. He enjoys working on his machines.  And that's fine.  As long as he's happy, right?"

Brittany frowned.  "You're not worried?"

Shannon patted Brittany on the shoulder.  "No, I'm not worried at all.  He's fine."

But, Brittany couldn't help but worry still...

 With good reason...

Brittany heard a loud explosion and ran to the lab to find Alton laying on the floor.  "Alton! Alton!" She fell to her knees.  "Please be okay! Please!"  She felt for a pulse.


Brittany called to Shannon to come quick and began sending prayers up above, bartering her life for Alton's life...

 In the end, none of it was able to save Alton's life. 

After the paramedics left, Brittany closed the door and locked the lab.  No one would tinker in there ever again!

Brittany still couldn't believe she'd lost her son.  She woke up in the middle of the night crying uncontrollably.  She couldn't even look at Shannon...

Shannon had taken it hard, as well.  Often times, he locked himself away in the office and snuck sips from a flask.  Brittany hadn't said anything out loud, but he knew she blamed him.  She'd come to him worried about Alton and he'd brushed off her concerns.  Hell, he blamed himself.  Alton wouldn't have died if he'd been outside tossing the football with him...

Sonja took it the hardest, though.  Sneaking into the room, she'd placed a toy robot he'd made for her next to his urn.  "It's not the same without you, Alton." she told the gray urn.  "You were my best friend..."  Wiping a tear away from her eyes, she tried to sort out all the feelings battling inside of her. 

Quietly, Sonja packed her things up, hugged her folks goodbye and headed off to college... alone...

Sonja was surprised she reached the top of her career.  Her bosses must've felt sorry for her, because she hadn't been putting in the effort these days.  She just went through the motions.

Nobody was surprised when she called up to retire.  The writing had been on the wall. She halfway wondered whether that's why they promoted her to begin with... to make sure she would retire.

 "What do we do now, Shannon?" Brittany asked him as they lay talking in bed.  "I feel so lost now..."

Shannon shook his head.  "I don't know Brit.. I don't know..."

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  1. O.O What happened to Alton O_O? How did he died? For hunger? Poor guy!

  2. I think a ghost snuck in & scared him to death. I was soooooo mad!

  3. Poor kid! Ghosts can be terrible indeed -__-.


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