December 31, 2011

Carters (7) - Round 16

 (Sorry about the bad pictures) Cumin & Spice easily reached the top of their careers.  Sharon was so proud of them!  "Good babies!" she cheered when they came home.

 Sharon had been feeling so sick lately.  Splashing water on her face, she blotted her face dry and went to make dinner.  She was also hungry all the time.  What was going on?!

It wasn't a surprise when Cinnamon came home at the top of her career, too.  Sharon felt so proud. She'd done it! Six dogs at the top of their careers.

 And she'd also discovered why she was tired & hungry all the time...

 She couldn't wait to show Kent to his Daddy!

 Although, it didn't take long for them to expand their family a little...

"You're going to be a big brother," Anthony told Kent. 

"Brubber!" Kent cooed.

"That's right.  Big boy!"

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