December 17, 2011

Carters (7) - Round 15

"Have fun with your reading group," Anthony said as he walked to the back bedroom.  "I'll just make myself scarce!"

Cheryl smiled.  "I'm so glad you invited me Sharon! I like this much better than the girls' nights that Sara has been throwing!  That wears me out!"

Sharon laughed.  She'd been on a few of her sister-in-law's club rounds & knew how exhausting partying with Sara could be! 

"So what did everyone think of  'Dreaming of 100k" by Paradise Valley's own Max Steele?"

The ladies discussed the book and how they as women could successfully earn 100k on their own.  Then, talk wandered to the wedding.  More specifically, when it would be & who was invited.

Sharon had dreamed of her wedding for years.  She wanted it to be lavish & spectacular... but when the actual day came. the only thing that mattered to her was that she was walking down the aisle to Anthony...

...the love of her life!

Sharon searched out Dana in the crowd and ran up to hug her.  "I love you Dana! I wish Mom could be here!" she said with a tear in her eye.

Dana squeezed her tight.  "She was, Sharon. She was.  I know she was looking down on you from Heaven."

Sharon wiped her eye.  "I like that. I like that alot."

Sharon hated to part with Midnight, but a staffer at a prestigious Doggie Firm had made her an offer she couldn't refuse.  Besides, she told herself that now she could take the time to train more dogs and branch out.

With that in mind, she adopted siblings Ginger, Cinammon, & Spice.  She couldn't bare to only adopt one and separate the family- so she brought them all home.

And with the proceeds from selling Midnight , she was able to buy the Doggie Mobile.  Sharon used this ride to take her stars to and from recitals, auditions & grooming visits.

"How has work been going sweetie?" Sharon asked Anthony.

Anthony smiled.  "I've been pretty tired, but it's going pretty well."

"I know you've been expecting a promotion. Is there anything I can do?"

Anthony sighed. "I don't know. I guess you could help me find the right connection! It seems like everyone gets promoted because of who they know - not what they do.  It's just not right."

Sharon touched his arm.  "You'll make it sweetie, and you'll do it on your own. I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks. I needed that," he told her.

Sharon was excited that Grace had reached the top of her career & learned all her commands.  Sarah knew that her work with Grace was done.

She asked Anthony to handle to sale to Elise Love.  She knew Elise would take good care of Grace, but it would kill her to say goodbye!

Right on the heels of Grace leaving, it was time to say goodbye to Baby, too.  Sharon worried that her little pack was being whittled away.  But, her three remaining, she knew she would keep them.  They'd touched a special place in her heart.

And it seemed they'd touched Paradise Valley's television viewing audience's hearts as well.

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