December 31, 2011

Carters (6) - Round 16

Brittany looked in the mirror & fussed with her hair.  Sighing, she clipped her bangs back like usual.  It would have to do, she supposed.  It was taking her awhile to get used to the gray...

 Happy birthday!


 and Gloria...

 "Mom, I've been getting A's. I was wondering if I could have a puppy. I promise I'll take care of it! I'll feed it and walk it every day. I promise!"

Brittany hedged, "A puppy? Here?"

"Come on Mom! You know I've wanted one since I was little!"

Brittany sighed.  "Okay. But it will be your dog and your responsibility!"

Rosa cheered. "Yeah! Thanks so much Mom!"

Norma snuggled Arf, the puppy she'd adopted from the pound.  He was such a cutie with his tongue sticking out like that.  He was perfect!

"Hey, Norma said you were in here... Oh cool! A puppy!" Wilson exclaimed.

Rosa turned around and saw Wilson coming towards her.  "Hey sweetie. What are you doing here?"

Wilson kissed Rosa hello.  "Norma invited over a few people."

"Maybe we can stay in here... alone... for awhile..." Rosa suggested.

Wilson smiled.  "Sounds good to me!"

Wow, major cutie alert, Norma thought when she saw Phillip.  She didn't know what Rosa saw in that stuffy Wilson... but his brother Phillip... WOW!  Okay, act cool, she told herself as she walked over.

"Hi!" she squeaked when she stood in front of him.  Clearing her throat, she tried for a more normal greeting.  "Umm... hey! Having fun?"

Phillip looked around. "Yeah. I love a good party. Lots of people here!"

"Uh.. yeah." Norma blanked out & had nothing to say! She couldn't believe it! "Well.. umm... have fun..."

Phillip looked taken aback by the abrupt dismissal.  Embarrassed, Norma turned on her tail and hurried into the living room to talk to Emily Carpenter.  Hopefully the party would be over soon & would swallow her whole.

 Rosa couldn't believe how big her dog was getting!  Arf was such a cute little guy!

 And Mom actually said she could adopt a friend for Arf.  So, she adopted Ben from the pound.
 He was a cute little guy, too!

"Hey Rosa," Norma asked.  "Do you think you could invite a few people over. And you know... Phillip?"

Rosa raised her eyebrows.  "Phillip? Really?"

Norma blushed. "Yeah.  Why?"

"I don't know. He's always seemed so... irresponsible?"

Norma was so offended.  "Just because he's not all into studying doesn't mean he's irresponsible!"

Rosa raised both hands. "Okay, okay! It was just my opinion! Sure I'll throw the party." Pausing, she thought a moment as she looked at Norma. "Do you want me to have Wilson talk to him?"

"NO!" Norma gasped.  "No way! I mean, it's not like that. I just... you know... whatever..."

Rosa looked at Norma strangely.  "Okay. Whatever you say..."

 Besides, Norma thought to herself, she knew how to make her own moves....

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