December 17, 2011

Carters (6) - Round 15

Brittany couldn't get over the fact that she & Alec were married. Husband and wife. Forever and ever.  It felt amazing!  And her hormones!  She was constantly eager to spend some time in the marital bed...

Alec complained that she'd be the death of him!  (She kept re-rolling want for woo-hoo all morning long.)  Brittany just teased that she couldn't help it that she'd come into her own.  "Think of it like a delayed honeymoon!" she joked as she pulled him back into bed.

Much to the detriment of Norma's well-being...

It goes without saying that much romping in the bed led to an un-planned and completely unexpected pregnancy.

"I just hope it's not a boy!" Rosa declared.  "Boys are smelly! And they like frogs! Isn't that gross Mom?"

Brittany opened her mouth to say one day she would like boys when Norma piped in, "Yeah. And they're gross, too! They burp and don't say excuse me!"

Brittany couldn't argue with that logic! "I guess you're right! No boys allowed!" she declared.

"Except Daddy," Rosa added solemnly.

"Yeah, except Daddy."  Norma concurred.

"Duly noted." Brittany couldn't wait to tell Alec how cute the girls were.

Alec hugged Norma hello.  "I hear you said I was allowed.  I would've been pretty sad if I wasn't allowed."

Norma giggled.  "Of course you're allowed! You're not a boy! You're a Daddy!"

"That's right! And don't you forget it!"

"ALEC!" Brittany yelled from the other room.

Alec cuddled his daughter, Marisa, the most beautiful little girl he'd ever seen...

...then his mouth dropped open when Brittany delivered another little girl, Gloria.

"Twins?!" he asked in shock.

Brittany laughed.  "I guess we shouldn't be surprised! Twins run in both of our families!"

Alec couldn't believe he was lucky enough to have 4 beautiful daughters.  And this time he got to be around from their birth onward.  He felt so lucky to be a part of their lives!

He loved to walk into the adjoining nursery and tuck them in or check on them.  Brittany said he was spoiling them, but he had so much love to give!

"Why do we have to do the dishes?" Norma complained.

Rosa shut off the water.  "Because Mom & Dad are feeding the baby.  Do you want to change a diaper?" she asked.

Norma made a face. "Ew! No way! I'll do the dishes!"

Rosa laughed.  "That's what I'm saying!"

Rosa walked by Gloria.  "Ew! You're smelly!" she declared.  She looked around for her Mom, but didn't see her right away.

Brittany was in the room with Marisa, showing her how to talk.

"I guess I can change a diaper," Rosa thought to herself.  "Come on Gloria.  Time for a diaper change!"

Rosa rummaged through her mom's make-up bag and old clothes and found the perfect retro outfit.  "Love it!" she declared.

Norma fell on the floor laughing.  "You look like a clown!" she teased.

Rosa checked herself out in the hall mirror.  "I don't know. I kinda like it! It's bright & bubbly."

"Besides, Wilson Reed seemed to like it..."



  1. Yeah, no smelly boys... but the little girls can be as smally as the boys I see XDD!

  2. Twins, why does that not suprise me! Alec you are getting on in years!


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