December 11, 2011

Carters (6) - Round 14

Brittany crossed her arms.  "What makes you think I even want you to move in with us, Alec?  We've gotten along this long without you!"

Alec tried to swallow past the lump in his throat.  He didn't even know how to begin to make it up to her.  "I'm sorry Brittany.  I know I messed things up, but I mean it, I love you and I love Rosa... I just want to make this right..."

Brittany was so undecided.  She was worried Alec would just bail when things got hard.  And really, she was kind of used to doing her own thing...

But, despite everything, she still loved him...

Maybe it could work...

Alec was so excited to get the chance to be a Dad! He loved taking care of Rosa and tried to take every opportunity to bond with her.  Rosa loved bath time the best!

Sighing, Alec laid down in bed next to Brittany.  "Wow! I'm exhausted! How did you do it?"he asked.

Brittany laughed.  "You get used to it."

Alec rolled over on his side and looked at Brittany.  Solemly, he traced his finger over her cheek.  "Thanks for giving me this chance. You're not going to regret it, I promise."

Brittany smiled and leaned forward to wrap her arms around him.  "No regrets so far!"

Michelle stared down at her newest granddaughter Rosa.  "I finally get to hold you!" she said as she tickled Rosa's toes.  "I've been waiting for this day for a long time little girl!"

Alec came up behind his Mom and gave her a hug. "Sorry, Mom. Better late than never, though, right?"

Michelle smacked his arm. "You're just lucky it turned out okay.  Very lucky! I didn't raise you to act that way!"

Alec sighed. "I know, Mom. I'm sorry.  Can I have Rosa now? It's time for her cake!"

Happy birthday beautiful girl!

Rosa woke up the next morning feeling a little queasy...

Could she be pregnant again? she wondered.

Months later, Brittany rubbed her hands lovingly on her belly.  She couldn't wait for her newest baby to be born. 

The family crowded around to see the little baby.  "Let's call her Norma.. Norma Carter," he said proudly.  Mrs. Carter glanced over her shoulder and smiled.
"That's my little sister!" Rosa said proudly.  "Can I hold her?"

Brittany smiled.  "Yes, you may.  Go sit on the couch and I'll put her in your lap, okay?"

Secure & happy in life - Alec & Brittany were able to reach the tops of their careers quickly...

But, they always made enough time for family & friends.. especially on the birthdays.

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